Do you make a wish to a falling star or you'd like to be one?

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Maybe the title will make you unclear thoughts and you'll wonder what the heck is trying this guy to say. I know, this is not a simple and concise title, but one that, indeed, makes you think about something.

I am talking about the nature of the human beings related to the rest of the animals.

We are a social type and we like to be in groups, to communicate, to exchange ideas, to see and (mostly for some of us) be seen.

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Yeah, we like to be like peacocks, the males. We love to show our clothes, cars or other assets, including other famous people or places.

Also, recently in our history, I mean, very recently, once we discovered the small photo cameras included in mobile phones combined with the inevitable appearance of social media apps, we like to share even what we eat or do, wherever, whenever.

Of course, we are not having all this kind of behavior, but we see what is to be seen and the absence of the ones that are not going to show off their lives is barely observed,

The question of these facts is resumed in a single line:

does it worth it?

This is the way you want to live your life?

Always living through other's appreciation, "for the public" ?

Maybe is nice, but, having some words and reading about other famous people, I can tell that no one is really enjoying a public life more than few months.

So, why are we aspiring for such a life if the ones that has it are trying to not having it?

And what is the link with crypto?

Well, we had the people who wants to be in the first row and the ones who don't.

And yes, one of the most important feature of Bitcoin is staying anonymous. So, one of the most famous persons in the world is still unknown to the media:

Satoshi Nakamoto.

According to many sources, he controls around 1 000 000 BTC. That means now more the 30 billions of US Dollars!

It is big? It is huge for any person on the Earth!

But, instead of the attention that media and not only will give it to him, he (or she, or they) wants to stay in shadow.

On the other side, we have very noisy people that wants to draw attention with any occasion.

Rising stars or maybe (already) falling ones, they all wants to be in the attention of the public. But sometimes the faith is not so generous and the higher they are in the attention of the public, the worst is the falling for them.

First, some new actors tries to have a pie from the media's attention:

Why don't you just buy and stay quiet?

  1. Because they are looking for attention

  2. Because they maybe already bought and would like to see their assets rising

Anyway, is not a way I'd like to follow. If somebody unpredictable happens and his wealth will fall, everybody will look at him as a public loser. Much worst than only losing his money, he will cut many of his possible chances to recover.

But this is not the bad situation now. We had some circus in the last years and (unfortunately for him) it comes to an end. I don't like it, but it seemed inevitable as we look at his actions and what he became for the crypto space and not only:

"McAfee was found dead just hours after the national court approved a request by the United States to extradite him on criminal tax evasion charges. According to El País, he was found hanging in his cell and officials are treating the death as a suicide."

Well, this is sad. I will consider this for any people and it makes me think that maybe his life could be an example that what we shouldn't do anymore at a certain point in our lives.

He became rich, he became famous. Then, he wanted more attention. He became convicted. Why all of these?

What should he wish now if he could start over again?

What should we wish now after reading about this?

Think about it and evaluate your priorities, about how your life you want to be.


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As for me, it doesn't matter if your famous or not, as long as you are happy and contented for what you have, do as like..☺️

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2 years ago

Being famous does not make you happy, but if you live wisely, then the world might be happy for you.

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2 years ago