Karma: Reward within Good deeds and vise versa

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Do you believe in karma?Why and why not?

But firstly before answering these questions the first thing to be asked is:

What is karma?

Karma is mostly defined as a reward for doing good deeds and having bad intentions towards others.

Karma is a Sanskrit term that literally means "action" or "doing". In the Buddhist tradition, karma refers to action driven by intention which leads to future consequences.

It is mostly wrapped up in the concept of rebirth or reincarnation.

How does karma affect your life(Hinduism Belief)

Hindus believe that the soul passes through a cycle of successive lives (samsara) and its next incarnation is always dependent on how the previous life was lived (karma). This karma affects our future lives and existences. People must take responsibility for their actions either within this life time or the next.

They believed that our soul bears all the good things and bad things we did when we are still alive. If your soul carried more good deeds you will be reborn in the higher lever. But if your soul contains more bad deeds then you will be reborn in the lower level.

Higher born means you are being rewarded by the godess and lower born means you are being punished by the evil.

When you are reborn in the higher realm, there are chances of which you may become a human in your next life.

But when you are reborn in the lower realm, your chances of becoming a human is low (it depends on how much good deeds you've done when you were alive) but there is a chance of you being reborn as an insect or bug which have pretty low lifespan.

Karma (Hinduism and Christianity)

That concept (Hinduism Belief) also apply in christianity. In which if you are bad when you were alive you will go to hell and if you are good when you are alive you will go to heaven.

By having more good deeds than bad deeds you are more likely to go to heaven but having more bad deeds you are more likely welcome to hell.

But in the case of christianity, most of them don't believe in reincarnation. As of me being a christian, there is 80% possibilities that I do believe in it.

Karma: The Connotation Meaning

When you ask someone: Do you believe in karma?

•Most most people say:

What you give is what you get; By doing good you are being rewarded and by doing bad you are being punished.

•Some says:

I believe in: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

•Some also says:

No, Karma is not real because they never applied to people around me

•But one of the most interesting answer I've heard is:

That depends on how people experience them and people's conscience.For me I believe that karma is the conscience in one's mind.

And that being said:

Here's how I came to define what karma is:

  • "I have a grandmother, one day one of her things was stolen by someone. So she planned to gave some lesson to the thief. I don't know how she did it but in some way, she connected her mind to the thief. Every day after the sun rises she will say this words "If you won't return what you've stolen, you can never work properly" and before the sun sets she will say this words "Think of what you've done to, you will never sleep and will always think of the things that you've stolen" she did that for almost a week then one day her lost item were returned."

The thief's conscience was the karma there, s/he might not bear his/her actions that's why s/he returned what s/he have stolen.

To me I've come across to the meaning of karma:

Karma is neither bad nor good. Karma is just there waiting for a chance to give what we deserve.

  • Just like in the case of own family. I've been hearing stories about our family. We are not rich in money, but we are neither poor. We are farmers who work day and night, we have plenty of lands to work and plenty of fruits to eat. We are full of foods but we cannot waste them but God might have planned to send people to help us in times of our needs. That's when my family decided to give foods to those people who have helper us and to those people who are coming to pay us a visit. We are never selfish to give, even though we've given their payroll (rice grains/beans) and they still wanted to have some fruit (like mangoes, guyabanu, corn ect.) We're never selfish to give.

  • That maybe the reason why karma is blessing us with more rice grains, beans, and other plants.

So basically karma is not all about receiving money for giving some to poor people or vise versa ect. To me we've done our part as someone and that maybe the reason why karma blessed is with something good.

Some people might have not known what karma is or some might not believe in it but we could try looking back in the past. Maybe you can answer the question (do you believe in karma) if you will look closely to the past.

For the reason why people might still believe in it is because: they/you might have experience all the bad things and haven't experienced good things yet, well basically to those who did bad things to them/you; bad things might have happened to them too, they/you might not know because they/you are not living their life but maybe they are also experiencing more worst things than them/you. As for not them/you, experiencing good things they/you might just be good as life is all about receiving and giving (not about money, it is about your intentions)

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