Forbidden Love

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Have you encountered siblings who romantically love each other?

Love conquers all. In some unique cases, siblings fall in love with each other.

Love is a feeling in which no one could resist. Even though it's not right it just felt so wrong but right at the same time.

We cannot undo who our hearts chose. So even though it felt so wrong to love your biological brother or sister, you still want to continue loving him or her.

There is a saying that says:

You fall in love mostly to the person whom you've grown up.

In most cases siblings started to fight with each other and that's all.

But in some unique cases, siblings fight with each other but apparently they started to like each other that made them love for each another in a romantic way.

A Short Story For You

The were siblings from a rich family

There parents were always on a business trip

They have no time for their kids because their only focus was to earn.

Those two siblings have one year gap with each other.

So during their childhood they were like normal siblings

They played with each other and

Fight for unnecessary thing

But one day when they were 8-9 years old

They started to have a little crush with each other.

They grew up together and the affection towards each other also grew.

They tried t hide their emotions and even tried to have a relationship with others to forget their love with each other but apparently love is cunning.

Until one day one of them confessed their feelings and unexpected things happen.

They both agree to have a secret relationship.

Years pass by and they could still hold on with their secrets but they knew that one day the world would know what they've been hiding.

From that shot story: I've learned that "Romance is out of our control".

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2 years ago
Topics: Love, Forbidden, Sibling