Who Says Writing Articles on Read.cash is Hard?

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Today is Saturday and you guys may know that I have decided to skip writing articles on Saturday. But I have changed my mind and I am about to publish an article today. I have skipped 5 months and rested well, now is the time to keep on moving without even resting a day. I woke up at 5 AM and now I am writing this article because I am afraid I won't have time later on.

You must have got an idea about the article after reading the title of it. I am going to make those understand who are not making an entry to read.cash because they think a person needs to have extensive knowledge and must possess extraordinary skills to write an article.

I will start with my example. The reason I stated above were the reasons which were stopping me from entering this amazing platform. I thought a person must have an expert level of writing skills before he starts writing an article here. But fortunately, I find it out that I am wrong, a person who possesses a basic level of writing skills can write an article on read.cash. This platform gives us the opportunity to express what we feel.

For those readers. who also have the same belief as I had before. Believe me, you are unaware of your writing skills, get ready for a surprise once you start writing. It would be astonishing when you find out how good is your writing skills. You never knew about it because you never tried it. When I started writing my first article I got amused after seeing that I can write too.

Most of you guys must be wondering what can you write about. You can write about anything, literally anything. Anything you like, have interest in it, knowledge about it, Love it, your personal experiences. You should make a start from your personal experiences as it would be easy for you to write in my opinion. Or you should start with whatever you want to write, your decision. Just write what you feel.

Once you start writing, ideas will flow inside your mind. It will not happen always though because sometimes we lack ideas due to distraction, looking for perfection, focus diversion, etc. You will face these when you start writing regularly so this is not your problem yet. You just need to publish your first article. You are like a baby who has not taken his first baby step, and walking turns easy for the baby when he gets successful in taking the first step. So publishing the first article is your first baby step.

Don't look out for perfection at the start. Looking for perfection will not lead you anywhere as you won't even try to take your first step. What others will think about me after writing my article. When I wrote my article, I felt people will mock me for my writing skills and I thought my article is not good enough. But in reality, it was quite good and it was only my fear. So the first thing you should do is train your mind to not give a damn about what others think. Take their constructive criticism seriously and improve yourself but don't even waste your time by thinking about their mocking. But there will be always room for improvement, remember that and keep improving.

"Dont let your want for perfection become procrastination" - Danielle LaPorte

In the end,

I would like to repeat it again, take the initiative. Once you take your first baby step walking would get easy for you. Once you write your first article, you will start moving in the upward direction and you will not look back after that.

Thank you for reading and I would be very delighted if some take the initiative and publish their first article after reading this.

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