Some Employees of ours are Just Pain in the Ass

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Dated: 20th July 2022

Ah, Rusty paid me a few visits, and it appears that he will like me once more and that our friendship will become even stronger than it was before 😂. I've finally discovered something positive to celebrate. Frankly, I didn't expect Rusty's visits soon. I thought he would begin doing so after at least 10 more articles. But my assumption was wrong, and he immediately showed generosity.

The majority of our personnel display a careless and reckless attitude

My supervisor told me to stay in the office after the office hours were over. He actually wanted me to go to each office and see if anyone hadn't turned off their UPS and desktop computer. We have already encountered similar conduct, and our management has issued a circular to turn off all the equipment that consumes power.

But most of our employees still show negligence despite the circular. So I went out to every office and found out that almost 50 percent of employees are not abiding by that circular. They didn't switch off their UPS and desktops. The problem is they don't realize that when the battery drains out completely when they left their UPS Powered on after the duty time ends. Because no generator turns on after the duty hours in case of electricity outage.

Despite the circular, the majority of our staff continue to be negligent. So I went to every workplace and discovered that over half of the staff are not following the circular. They did not turn off their UPS or desktop computers. The trouble is that they do not realize when the battery entirely drains when they leave their UPS powered on after the duty period. Because no generator switches on after the duty hours in the event of a power outage.

As a result, we deal with battery problems and UPS failures on a regular basis. I've never observed a decrease in these issues, rather a steady increase. The same users would claim that the IT Department is not supplying us with a UPS or a battery but unfortunately it's their fault in the first place. I mean it's their responsibility to take care of their IT equipment first. This is the company's property, but its downtime will cause them to suffer, not the company because they will lose valuable time and their work will be disturbed.

They don't understand that desktop computers aren't designed to run continuously. When a computer remains turned on continuously for 24 hours, the components are stressed, resulting in a reduction in the life cycles of that component.

I am a pretty calm person who does not believe in punishment, yet I feel these employees should be fined or issued a warning letter. It will teach them a lesson, and they will never be so negligent with official IT equipment again.

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