Finally, Pakistan Surprised India In WorldCup Match ;)

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Note: This article is for those who have knowledge about cricket.

Last Night, the Pakistan cricket team gave an amazing treat to all Pakistanis by beating the Indian cricket team and breaking their losing streak in world cups. Pakistanis waited for 29 years to witness their team beating their neighbor country team which is their biggest rival too. Cricketing greats like Imran Khan, Javed Miandad, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, etc were not able to accomplish the win in the world cup against the Indian team. But luckily, youngsters like Babar Azam, Shaheen Shah Afridi and Rizwan achieved and gifted a flawless victory to the Pakistani Nation.

It was a wonderful moment for the whole nation because our cricket team received humiliating defeats 12 times at the hands of the Indian team in worldcups. We have never won a single match before but last night, we broke the losing curse.

It was an emotional victory because the Pakistan cricket team was continuously pushed down for the last 12 years after a terrorist attack on Sri Lankan Team in 2009. Our country faced long-term isolation from the cricketing world as no major teams have visited to play cricket here. These youngsters played cricket in their homeland only a few times. They played most of their matches in the UAE, Abu Dhabi, Dubai which are the venues for the ongoing T20 world cup. These grounds are home grounds for them.

But you cannot separate cricket from our passions, blood, and emotions. Our team managed to win a Champions Trophy by defeating India with a huge margin in the final match despite the ban. No matter how we get pushed down we will come back stronger.

Honestly, we thought we could win the match last night but it would be very tough because Indian cricket team has some solid batting line and they have even a solid bowling line surprisingly for the first. Because they usually lack in bowling department but their bowling line was very strong this time. But surprisingly, our team won the match very easily and break three records. One, they win a T20 match without losing any wicket for the first time. And the second record was Indian team lost a match for the first time without taking any wicket. The third record was the highest partnership for the opening pair.

The main reason for the winning was that they know this pitch. They are aware of the conditions and they have played their whole career in these venues. Our team has sent a clear message to other teams about what's coming to hit them in this WorldCup. Now all the remaining teams know what our team is capable of.

Usually, there is a huge rivalry between Pakistan and the Indian teams. But Pakistani nation wants their team to beat the New Zealand team and take revenge because they canceled their visit just before an hour to start a match. I really hope they would beat them with a huge margin and humiliate the New Zealand team like they beat the Indian team last night.

Last night, a moment which melted everyone's heart when Indian team's captain Virat Kohli showed sportsmanship and hugged Muhammad Rizwan with a smile on his face, who played like a tiger.

There will be some controversy too in the Indian country because there are some people from both sides whose hearts are full of hatred. Hatred can also be seen on Twitter as people are spreading negative tweets against Muhammad Shami, an Indian fast bowler just because he is a Muslim and he could not play well in the last match.

Another delighting scene was when Indian Cricket Mentor and legend MS Dhone was seen chatting with Pakistani Players after defeat. It wins the heart of millions on social media and it shows these players are professionals and they are taking this game as a sport not some war.

I pray the Pakistan cricket team handles the pressure like they handled last night and become snatched the world cup this time. They have already become the favorites for this world cup. And I hope they play fearlessly and consistently like this and they remove the tag of an unpredictable team.

Unfortunately, I cannot share those photos here because of copyright issues.

Thank you for reading my article.

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I was thinking to write on this, but i was unable to spare time from my busy schedule as i am quite busy by watching indian cricket shows.

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1 year ago

Pakistan has done very well. I have watched the whole match. Really played very well. I have to applaud.

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1 year ago