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Data and attention have become more valuable than oil. Most legacy social media platforms use our data permissionless and profit immensely from it. They give us nothing in return. The time for change is here.

Uptrennd’s 1UP token puts the value of data and attention back into your hands. Every time your comment or post receives an upvote, you earn a 1UP token. The higher your level, the more tokens you earn for every upvote you receive.

Uptrennd exists to empower people around the world to thrive through their passions. By being a part of this community, you are helping to make that happen.

After just over one year, Uptrennd has already become the world's second-most engaged social media platform, with people spending more time daily on Uptrennd than any social site. Currently, only Facebook surpasses Uptrennd.

Uptrennd has also become the most visited monetized social media platform in the world. Both of these claims can be seen statistically here.

Activity = Value

Advertising revenue generated on Uptrennd is used to buy back 1UP tokens on exchanges. As the number of people who use Uptrennd increases, so does the ad revenue and the token buyback volume. The amount of activity on Uptrennd directly impacts the token economy.


Uptrennd’s total token supply started at one billion tokens. Since then, tokens have been burned based on the platform activity. 30% of each point used to level up, boost, or make on on-site purchases is burned from the total supply. If ten million points are used, three million tokens will be burned. 1UP will become increasingly more rare and scarce with each passing month.

The technical details

If one Upvote was always worth one token, we would eventually run out of tokens to give to the community. Therefore, 1 upvote earned on Uptrennd will not always equal 1 token. In the future, it may take over 100+ points to earn one token. This system gives more value to early adopters and holders, as well as ensures that the 1UP token economy is infinitely scalable.

A quick note on upcoming terms:

  • Total supply: How many total 1UP tokens exists in the ecosystem

  • Circulating supply: How many 1UP tokens are held by the community

  • Cold-storage supply: Tokens securely held to be paid out to the community
    Overview facts:

  • As the circulating supply increases, it takes more points to equal one token.

  • As the total supply decreases, it also takes more points to equal one token.

  • Over time, it will take more points to equal one token.

  • Tokens and points are not always at a 1:1 ratio
    This chart below shows the number of tokens you get for one point, based on the state of the cold storage supply, and the circulating supply. Both the circulating supply and cold storage numbers are denominated in thousands

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So we now understand that as the cold storage amount decreases and/or the circulating supply increases, it takes more points earned on Uptrennd to convert into one token. Therefore, one token purchased on an exchange is now more valuable in the Uptrennd ecosystem, as one token now converts into multiple points on
This dynamic will create an equilibrium since the more “purchasing power” a token has on, the more people will buy 1UP on exchanges. As they purchase the tokens from the exchange and then send it to the platform, it is placed back in cold storage, allowing the system to naturally find balance.


The more people that use Uptrennd, the more valuable to 1UP token can become. Over time, the 1UP token will become more scarce, and each token will have more “purchasing power” on the website.
The Math:

The average cost for 1,000 impressions on the general internet is $2-$9.
Currently on Uptrennd it is only $0.20
This arbitrage between the general internet and Uptrennd advertising rates is a factor of 10–45X growth.
This 10–45X arbitrage does not account for once circulating supply reaches higher levels, at which point, this figure will be exponentially higher.

The Ethos
Uptrennd never hosted an ICO, has had no previous fundraising and is a platform designed to be the next evolution of social media, built for the people. Uptrennd is already the most engaged monetized social media platform in the world, and just getting started. Joining the Uptrennd movement is voicing your belief that the world deserves ethical social media, and deserves to live a prosperous life fueled by what they love

Where to find 1UP

You can purchase the 1UP token on
You can purchase the 1UP token on

Then, to join the community, visit

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