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Crazy things... more things

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2 months ago
Topics: Real Life, Reality, Facts

I hope you all had a fantastic week. It's weekend and it's time to turn on to rest mode, well not for everyone..

I believe some of you might have come across my previous article. I still can't imagine such event happening. It's really crazy isn't it?.. Well, there's more.

Think of it as the Early morning News you hear on the TV except this isn't early morning and it isn't everyday, more like a compilation of news together in one write up. Are you ready to hear? Here I go.

I'm actually depressed about the ongoing situation of this country. Should I say it's getting worse by the day or it's static. There's been an increment in basically everything single thing worth buying, and the most annoying part is this, even the value as been reduced. I assume that if a manufacturer decides to increase the price of his product, if he can't increase the quality of the product, then the product should be produced the Same way as before. But now, product has been increased and the quality decreased. People aren't getting value of what they are buying. Am I right? Who's with me?.

Now, the main reason for me coming with this write up is also linked to the country's problem. Have you ever walked on the street/road and not meet someone begged you for money at least once (if you haven't let me know). Obviously it looks like we have more people begging than more working. Before it was those Al majiri's, but now, you would even see a complete person, dressed up like an account only to come to you and beg for transport fare. Believe me when I say am not making jest of them nor trying to joke around with their problems but when you take a good look at it, You'll relate to what I'm saying. I feel sorry for them (not all that them) most of the times. That's one reason to be grateful Right?

Now you may be wondering why the topic and how's it related. Let me tell you my part of story.

Image from unsplash

Normally, when they ask for money, there's a way they ask right. But what's baffling me is this.

I was sitting in the office around 11:00am busy with work and all. This guy(the begger) came to confront the person (also a guy)he asked money from and he was like "I ask you say make you give me money, you no answer, you pass my front go use that money buy bread, as you see me I never chop anything since morning". Listening from where I was, I was shocked. At first I pushed the begger's condition aside and focused on the scene. The first thing that came to my mind "Wow,this is a new style. This style of begging is really something oo". Later after he confronted the guy, the guy gave him money and he left.

I was really touched seeing the man beg for money like that. Why? I guess he lost hope and just acted according to his instinct. But to be honest, he's brave shaa. I just pray he's okay

Who knows maybe the guy doesn't even have enough to eat. If that was his last card.

To be honest,Thinking about that scene always makes me laugh. I still pity the both of them but I still laugh. It's the begger's courage for me.

Am I the only person laughing about it or not. Let me know if am wicked or not.

It's really crazy isn't it?. Crazy things are really happening.

Until next time,


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Written by   5
2 months ago
Topics: Real Life, Reality, Facts
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