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1 month ago
Topics: Reality, Thoughts

Depression is a silent enemy that will make you suffer more and more every second, minutes,days

You just don't notice it

We will just say that it will end

This is just a bad day

Like a storm it will subside

But no

Because it is imprinted on the mind That its never seems to be erased

It is as if there's a monster inside you

Its attacking you from the bottom to the top

Then you'll be hurting in a numb but painful way

You wake up every day

With the used of mask so that you can interact with the people around you

Because that is what is needed

But whatever mask you put on,

It never goes away

Until each day

Torture after torture

Acting on the human stage

Until the you fall deeper

Then the constant thing you will do is to run,

Running away from your family, friends and the people around you

Then those things that you used to be happy doing

It seems pointless, tiring and painful

You will ask yourself

Why do it when I'm not happy with it anymore?

Then will know that you are living in darkness

Back and forth in the circle you've fallen in

Clock is on work while you fell heavy inside

Then day will come

we will ask ourselves

Is it right to live and fight against battle your in? or

Just give up on the battle that no one seems to be the winner?

But in the end

Let's always think that life is borrowed

For as long as he wake up us

Never quite

When you're tired

Come to him and rest

But never ever quite

So for those who struggles with depression

You can do it

We can do it

Let's just come

And everything will be alright

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Written by   2
1 month ago
Topics: Reality, Thoughts
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