Ayen Munji Filipina singer

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In 1995 a Filipina-Singer named Ayen Munji performed in Brunei. A chance to be crowned a prince, none other than Jefri Bolkia, the principle of the $ 1.5 Billion Net Worth brother of the Sultan of Brunei.

She became the fourth wife of the prince and Ayen of Brunei became a full time princess.

In Brunei Ayen has grown accustomed to meeting all the standards of being a princess, adhering to her religious traditions and following the protocol as a princess, in each of these outlandish six housemates, and there are luxury vehicles, luxury residential and luxury jewelry. fancy clothes, shoes and expensive bags.

Despite all the material things, Ayen seems unhappy, he comes to the point where he only asks for bread for the housemates but he brings almost a hundred, so that he can choose good . She felt like her Christmas tree looked like she was wearing a lot of jewelry.

Until she suffered a deep post-partum depression after the birth of their son Hassan, Jefri's departure from Brunei continued to take care of the entire Royal Family business.

There Ayen began to get depressed. Ayen had to go back and leave Brunei to be with her while she was working abroad, but the opportunity came when she was having another girl, which she brought with her because Jefri Bolkiah wanted to remarry. Ayen decides to say goodbye to her vacation to the Philippines and there she feels free and happy. until Ayen himself filed for divorce, four months later they were separated.

Their relationship lasted six years. According to him, Money when available does not buy true happiness in life, rather it is the desire of the whole and concrete family that frees and builds upon his character.

Although she lost everything to her son's right to be a prince, she still had her new life and her children to Franco Laurel, whom she married, which made her feel truly loved.

Far from fancy life, Ayen prefers simple but homey people who will love her to the end.

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