Anti-Terro Bill

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3 years ago

Lucy Torres-Gomez, Representative of Leyte's 4th District, said. Study the Law and not believe the opinions of others regarding the Anti-Terror Bill, their interpretation does not help because the people are only divided.

The purpose of this Terror Bill is to prevent terrorists from carrying out their activities and plans, which will be immediately adopted once this measure is enacted.

Most cases of Terrorism in the country always contravene the 1987 Revised Penal Code, which must first have a Terrorism or disturbance before any, if there is a Terror Bill, is required, if there is sufficient Terror Bill, just in case a riot happens, authorities will be able to arrest them.

According to Gomez, more civilians can be saved when they are first prevented. An unprecedented Terror Act acts as a free pass for terrorist crime. Gomez added that it is not known to Filipinos that we have been ISIS recruitment since 2016.

The Philippines is also among the Top 10 in the issue of Terrorism. So let's just understand this law, not to think or get involved in the misinterpretation of others.

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