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Earn Bitcoin on your Smart Phone by Playing Games.

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1 month ago

Most of the people are always seeking an easy way to earn cryptocurrency. So, this article is walkthrough on some smartphone games that pays you bitcoin but remember that you won't get rich just by playing games and there are no ways that make you millionaire overnight.

Recently I found four games designed and published by a company called bling. Then I tried those all games on my smartphone. And Yes they are legit I also got paid. But why we are getting paid just for playing game? The answer is simple they show ad after each level you completed or failed. Also you can withdraw you earnings once in a week only. So how much can we earn from these games? We can earn 1600 - 2000 satoshi per day by playing all games they allow us to play one game 2 times a day from which you can make 400 satoshi so by playing 4 games you can easily make 1600 satoshi per day which is equivalent to 0.16 USD. I already told you that you won't become millionaire just by playing games. It might be the easiest way if you want to collect crypto. All those games are available in the play store. Link to those games is posted below :

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