The Power of Analyzing a True Story

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The universe is nothing without stories.

History tells about the universe, the planet Earth, and many other things around the living kingdom.

  • When we talk to each other, we perceive stories.

  • The power remains in the analyses of a story - how something happened and would have happened.

The manifestation of a real story stems from the facts associated with it.

The aftereffect of a story comes from how well one can sense, perceive, and write the research reports of it.

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The story of cryptocurrency may be analyzed.

How the world of cryptocurrency has evolved is an interesting story.

  • Who would know that the mathematical scientist Leslie Lamport, often known as the creator of LaTex, would make seminal developments in distributed computing and be the winner of the 2013 Turing Award?

Leslie Lamport's "The Byzantine Generals Problem" forms the basis for realizing cryptocurrencies based on distributed ledgers and distributed computational network infrastructure.

  • Anybody curious enough to cultivate the research literature can analyze the story of the world's first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and find out how Satoshi Nakamoto theorized a solution to the Byzantine Generals Problem using the Proof-of-Work decentralized consensus method.

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The story of the COVID pandemic may be analyzed.

All epidemics and pandemics were based on rough studies and hyped news.

  • Since death news can profoundly impact people's minds, most of the past epidemics were driven by fearmongering of the common mass by the print news media.

  • The Internet has made it easy and fast to propagate the news of epidemics and pandemics. Probably, now Internet-based news spreads faster than infectious diseases.

There was no deep testing of the infectious virus. But the citizens were fearmongered by the government bodies and the mainstream news media.

  • The pharma and health industries made huge money selling virus testing kits, sanitizers, masks, and costly medicines.

  • Big pharma also made vast money by selling experimental mRNA vaccines.

Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, warned that the mRNA vaccines must go for clinical trials for at least ten years before pushing it to the people.

  • But the social media giants censored/blocked Dr. Malone from the mainstream Internet media.

After Elon Musk acquired Twitter, Dr. Malone's account was unbanned.

  • Many unpublished truths about the COVID pandemic and vaccines are slowly coming out to the public.

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All past histories may be analyzed.

The historical past may be analyzed with the tools of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM).

  • Governments and big corporates may try to hide COVID truths.

  • The brutal Taliban might destroy the two great Buddha statues of the sixth century on the hills at Bamiyan in Afghanistan, but the truth remains in the photographic archives around the world.

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Truth cannot be shielded for good by blocking news media, killing people or destroying prominent structures.

The true stories come out to the public someday or other.

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