Low-Code, No-Code Technique is a Double-Edged Sword

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People are avid fans of the "Low-Code, No-Code" (LCNC) philosophy.

  • People become famous by writing books and doing podcasts on LCNC.

  • Business entities credit their LCNC strategy as enabling factors for their massive growth.

The entire Internet is dancing under digital marketers' so-called LCNC choreographic designs.

The so-called LCNC philosophy is not a new thing at all.

  • The human species is a born learner and an adopter of LCNC techniques.

Their brain, in association with the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin, has a superpower of observational encoding and decoding.

  • The present digital marketers are only taking advantage of humans' love and weakness for observational encoding and decoding.

The critical question is how far one or a business entity should adopt LCNC in their personal and business lives.

LCNC is the primary tool for a baby to learn

  • Babies learn almost everything, including speaking, reading, walking, dancing, singing, swimming, etc., using their perceptive observational power, which comprises their inherent LCNC capabilities.

LCNC is the best way to impart new knowledge to babies because babies have powerful observational traits, and they don't have any apriori knowledge of the world.

Adults use LCNC techniques to judge an unknown person.

  • Whether love at first sight on a blind date or a quickly arranged marriage, humans sometimes blindly use LCNC techniques as the enablers.

  • LCNC should be one of many tools for deciding on love, marriage, or partnerships.

Humans MUST take sufficient time to analyze themselves with other behavioral techniques before deciding on partnership and marriage.

Business entities use LCNC tools in their business processes.

  • Studies claim that LCNC techniques empower employees to develop custom business applications in a record shortest time.

  • The LCNC strategies help employees quickly test diverse business applications in a short period.

But, using the LCNC techniques only to design and develop the final version of complex business products may result in catastrophes.

Buyers may often get cheated by using the LCNC techniques!

  • The entire Internet is dancing under the magical spell of the LCNC philosophy.

  • Digital marketers take advantage of people's love for visual images.

  • They acquire prospective buyers' trust by projecting visual infographics.

The buyers MUST take time to conduct a thorough test drive on the products and applications before actually paying and purchasing new products.

The LCNC strategy is a double-edged sword.

  • The "Low-Code, No-Code" (LCNC) strategy may spoil life, career, and business.

Stay calm with the virality of cyber campaigns, and don't adopt an LCNC-only strategy to decide on your actions on anything and everything in life, career, and business.

  • The LCNC strategy may take less time and effort in doing a complex work/project, but the short-cut LCNC-only strategy can put you into deep trouble.

Always pull your sleeves, take the tough ways of checking the feasibility using the first principles, and only then take your final course of action.

  • LCNC is convenient, and that is its main appeal!

  • Please remember that convenience is the mother of many problems.

A convenient LCNC-only approach may lead to a state of catastrophic failures.

Choose the right tool for your life, career, and business.

Photo (partial) by Victoria Rain on Pexels.

<> If your work demands a two-edged sword, go for it.

<> Otherwise, choose a tool that suits your job.

  • For example, a graphical programming environment may help you, me, and a less or quasi-expert in programming to check the feasibility of a project, which may help before commissioning a project.

But, developing a customized solution or a product requires rigorous programming by expert coders.

  • When you meet a new person and date, don't presume you will be friends and partners. Stay aware of the trap of love at first sight.

  • It may yield a better result in business if you opt for the hard-working step-by-step approach than easier LCNC techniques.

Your life decision must not be hurried with the LCNC techniques!

Take sufficient time and analyze yourselves in different situations in life before making the final decision.

<> Originally published in my LinkedIn newsletter, "Learning Times Technology."


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April 25, 2023

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