Life is a Part of Our Personal Brand

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Do you disclose your personal life on social media?

  • Some people disclose a little bit about their personal life on social media.

  • I even see people sharing success and failure stories about their personal life on LinkedIn, which is supposed to be a professional platform.

What role do these personal stories play in propagating their personal brands?

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella shared about his specially abled son.

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Satya Nadella reminisced about their young life many years ago when his wife Anu was 26 and he was 29. They were happily preparing for their first baby to see the first light.

  • They discovered their son had a severe health issue called cerebral palsy. The cause was due to damage caused by in-utero asphyxiation during her pregnancy. The doctor warned, but they decided to have the baby. There was no choice.

Satya wrote in his book "Hit Refresh" how their specially abled son Zain contributed to the non-traditional growth of their personal and professional lives.

  • His personal life is entwined with his professional life.

  • Satya Nadella's personal life struggles inspired him to push start Microsoft's unique program for specially-abled people.

Under Satya's leadership, Microsoft took steps to hire people with disabilities through various initiatives, such as the Autism Hiring Program and the Supported Employment Program.

A learning coach shares their personal life.

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  • I attended a LinkedIn Live session with David Brownlee yesterday on a mini-workshop on customer service.

  • I reviewed David's LinkedIn profile and found this Mother's Day post.

This has nothing to do with David's professional life and work.

  • But it spreads a positive message about David.

I am incited to see what David does. I scrolled his short posts, long-form articles, and his list of books published.


  • Life is a continuous journey with its ups and downs.

Personal and professional life contribute to each other.

  • Our professional brand image gets a boost from instances of our personal life.

Stories from our life is a part of our personal brand image.

A short video on personal branding.

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May 25, 2023

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The Internet is not far from face-to-face life, many of the things we do here, or publish are directly connected to our personal lives.

This also serves as an inspiration for people, or as a message that they need to take to others.

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Of course, the Internet makes it possible to communicate remotely with global citizens.

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