Let Blogs Act Like Lenses to Get Focus and Clarity in Life

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Everybody here is a blogger in some way or the other.

You like to write, post and earn. That is why you are here. You are satisfied if you see some readers engage on your blogs. Engagements are clicks of the "Likes" button, comments, and cryptocurrency upvotes.

Most of you choose blog topics cautiously and intentionally from different areas of life. Many of you have pre-planned bogging calendars with well-written blog topics.

Some of you like to choose random blog topics from random topics providing websites. Many pick up blog topics from a fellow blogger's blogging prompt or questions.

Blogs are more than just written pieces of text documents

  • If you are here only because there is a chance to earn big algorithmic "airdrop upvotes" from the platform, you are aligning your creative mind with a strong instinct for learning the earning game.

  • If you believe that your blogs are the interface to your random thoughts, you probably take help from your inner core and exercise some sets of creative dreaming.

  • Suppose you consider your blogs as solutions or products for the readers who may utilize them to reflect on their life incidents and issues. In that case, you are streamlining your inner entrepreneurial mindset for a bigger future.

What do you think your blogs are to you?

I have some metaphorical thoughts about blogs.

Let your blogs act like optical lenses to get clarity and focus

A lens is an optical element that can condense/focus or disperse light rays.

  • For example, a convex lens focuses light wavefronts after passing through it.

Image Source

Let your blog article work like an optical lens to focus the ideas of the blog title.

  • In other words, the textual structure of a blog may be considered at its best when it can clearly explain the central ideas of the blog title. Only a well-articulated and well-structured blog article can act as a lens to focus the inner thoughts.

When readers consume a well-articulated and well-structured blog, the readers can get a clear understanding of the blog's title and topic.

Image Source: I created a GIF animation using title texts and photos by Octavian Rosca and Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash.


  • I propose an optical lens as a metaphor for blogs (and other forms of content).

Isn't it beautiful if your blog can be a useful conceptual instrument for the readers to get clarity and focus on various aspects of life?

As an optical lens can focus light waves, well-articulated and well-structured blogs can help the readers focus and simplify complex life issues.

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  • I practice Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM).

  • I consider blogs to be conceptual solutions/products evolved from the bloggers' creative dreams and entrepreneurial mindset and poised to learn the earning game.

What are your thoughts about blogs and blogging?


Unity (Debesh Choudhury)

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Lead Image: I have created a GIF animation using title texts and photos by Octavian Rosca and Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash.

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July 16, 2022

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10 months ago
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Excelente tema amigo, sobre el Blog, es como se dice son una óptica y ayuda al lector.

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10 months ago

I would appreciate it if you could write it in English. Thanks for your comment.

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10 months ago

Thank you for emphasizing that everyone here is a blogger. This is a good motivation for someone like me. Your article is well written and is really so interesting to read. And I so love on how you relate blogs to optical lenses, what a brilliant idea, Unity.

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10 months ago

I am glad you liked the metaphor, @porsche

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10 months ago

You are welcome, Sir Unity. Glad to meet a brilliant friend here. I just know on your footer that you are practicing STEM. So amazing. No wonder your articles are all great.

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10 months ago