Cybersecurity Awareness is a Gold Skill. Go for it NOW!

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Last year (2022), a friend connected with the health fraternity of AIIMS, New Delhi, India, asked for my comments about the news of the ransomware attack on the hospital's servers.

Incidentally, I scheduled a podcast on "Everyday Cybersecurity" with Matthew Rosenquist before reading the news.

  • The news of the AIIMS ransomware attack was true because the ministers discussed it in parliament. Government cybersecurity agencies were into the investigation and might have the actual picture of what happened or did not happen.

  • I received a direct message from the founder of a telehealth startup from Finland about my views on the AIIMS ransomware attack news.

I wrote a long comment on his post. But later, I found that the founder of the Finnish telehealth startup vanished from my viewable LinkedIn members! Incidentally, that telehealth company had been trying to rope the large health sector of India.

Unfortunately, I couldn't view or access my comment on his "AIIMS ransomware post!" Maybe, that LinkedIn connection deactivated his LinkedIn account, and wanted to be away from the gaze!


Cybercrime is skyrocketing at a fast pace!

  • Cybercrime was not an issue ten years ago.

  • Even in 2018, cybercrime was not a big problem.

Fast forward five years, and by the end of 2023, cybercrime has risen steeply.

The impact of cybercrimes is becoming huge nowadays!

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Cybersecurity awareness is a gold skill now.

Whatever business and work people are engaged in, there is no replacement for awareness of cybersecurity and training of all global internet users, including students, teachers, management professionals, medical doctors, hospital staff members, and patients who take health services by using the web software interface of the healthcare sector, lawyers, staffs of the judiciary systems, politicians, ministers, members of the parliaments, and so on.

Cybersecurity awareness is a must for all global citizens who use the internet, computers, smartphones, and other internet-connected devices.

Fearmongering is not a solution, but it helps to boost the urge to learn and build up the necessary knowledge and skills.

  • My intention is not to fearmonger but to spread awareness and the importance of cybersecurity in everyday life over the vast network of computers and devices on the Internet.

  • Cybersecurity awareness can build up essential knowledge and skills among the healthcare sector's stakeholders to safeguard the patients' precious health data.

If you have time, please don't hesitate to view the relevant podcast interview of Matthew Rosenquist on "Everyday Cybersecurity," which is available on LinkedIn.



  • Cybersecurity awareness is a MUST for all who access the Internet using computers, smartphones, and other computational devices.

  • The government and social leaders must know about data security and privacy.

Cybersecurity training must be made mandatory for all netizens of the world.

<> Cybersecurity awareness is a gold skill now.


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December 28, 2023

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