Animals Understand the Universal Language of Love Very Well

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Do you understand the language of love?

  • Most of you would ask me why I am asking this question.

  • As if we humans have a monopoly on understanding the language of love.

In reality, many of us don't understand the language of love.

That is why there is so much fighting among people and the nations on sovereignty, democracy, and human rights.

  • The living rights of the living kingdom are equally fundamental for any living beings, including the animals and the plant kingdom.

Do humans follow a code of ethics and integrity toward these fundamental rights?

Love is a universal language of animals.

  • Love is a universal language for animals, including carnivores and humans!

Even most micro and nano organisms like bacteria and viruses are friends of the living kingdom. But, we humans don't accept it and continue to kill the micro-and nano organisms like enemies.

<> The UN, WHO, and WEF may not recognize this fact!

<> The big techs are their propaganda platforms to propagate narratives.

<> They all are helping the pharma sector harvest global citizens' money.

<> The top office bearers of these international organizations get monetary benefits.

We all know who are UN, WHO, and the WEF!

Enjoy the video shared on social media.

See how the animals love and caress their caretaker human.

Video Source

It is, of course, a very risky game to be so close to wild animals, but some brave humans can make friends with wild animals.

<-> A shorter version of this article was also posted on LinkedIn.


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Aug 14, 2023

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