A Humanoid Robot Named "Anukul"

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Science fiction is a topic that most of us like.

I read stories and novels. I also watch movies. The storyline of a film is crucial to arouse the viewers' appeal. The screenplay is equally essential. Other essential aspects are the direction acting, music, sets, and many more small activities.

Today, I will share a short movie which is based on a short story written by a world-famous film director Satyajit Ray.

If you happen not to know about Satyajit Ray, I request you to conduct an Internet search with your favorite Internet search engine. I use Brave search, and let me show a screenshot of the search results with "Satyajit Ray" as the search phrase.

Image 01: Screenshot of the result of a Brave search with "Satyajit Ray" - source link: https://search.brave.com/search?q=Satyajit+Ray&source=web

The famous Japanese director Akira Kurosawa said, "Not to have seen the cinema of Ray means existing in the world without seeing the sun or the moon."

Now, let us see the science fiction short movie based on "Anukul," a short story written by Satyajit Ray. Contemporary film director Sujoy Ghosh directs the current short movie.

"Anukul" is about a humanoid robot created by Satyajit Ray

Writers knew about the scientific inventions before the scientists invented the applications. Can you imagine how Jule Verne wrote the Twenty Thousand Leagues under the sea so many years ago?

Famous filmmaker Satyajit Ray wrote "Anukul" which unfurled a story about an intelligent humanoid robot in the 1960s (much before Steven Spielberg’s ET). Today's humanoid robot Sophia is primitive compared to Satyajit Ray's imaginative humanoid "Anukul".

I had read the story of "Anukul," originally written in Bengali by Satyajit Ray.

You can see the Bengali short film "Anukul," which was released on YouTube in 2017. You can watch it free of cost and with excellent English subtitles.

Video 01: YouTube video, the link is embedded (currently, the video link automatically displays the thumbnail as shown above).

Anukul is a future-sighted story. Satyajit Ray could imagine the future developments of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Satyajit Ray included machine learning in his story "Anukul"

The story is simple. The story's time is advanced to future years, in an era when artificial intelligence is mature enough to fabricate human-like robots.

  • Anukul is an advanced humanoid robot that can do everything a human can. It can even learn from its surroundings by looking at other humans. Anukul has a deep sense of dutifulness and responsibility.

  • Anukul also has a sense of ethics and integrity. Finally, the story reflects a new government act of protecting the moral rights of humanoid robots. So, by virtue of government law, it has a built-in power to punish evil humans with high voltage shock.

  • In the end, Anukul is shown to have learned some sort of consciousness and decided to support his master with all his built-in power and adaptive machine intelligence.

I strongly recommend this short film to all the lovers of science fiction. I am sure, you will enjoy the tits bits of change in society for keeping human-like robots for everyday assistance.


Artificial intelligence is going to change the world. But how much of this change would be on the positive side is yet to be experienced by humans. 

I share this short film for entertainment purposes only.

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