My money-earning journey. Failures, success, and the next big thing that already happens!

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"Hindsight explains the injury that foresight would have prevented." / "Στερνή μου γνώση να σ' είχα πρώτα"!

Report of 01/04/21

--Below I rank some services that have made me some money.

--Unfortunately, it isn't a lot.

--I have stopped using those that are below the "---" line, and many more that I don't even mention...

--These current earnings are expected to elevate much more, especially those of Lost Relics(ENJ)!

--I would greatly appreciate it if anyone knows any service that is on the level of Alien Worlds or above....!!

I write:

-The currency that I'm using.

-How much approximately they have given me (in current value of €),

-How long approximately I have been using them,

-If they give freely or if I have deposited my own money to make greater profit.

1) Lost Relics(ENJ) = 430€ / 20 days / FREE.

2) Alien Worlds(WAX) = 40€ / 38 days / FREE.

3) Timebucks(BTC) = 40€ / 150 days / FREE.

4) = 86€ / 150 days / DEPOSITED.

5) = 40€ / 150 days / DEPOSITED.

6) = 20€ / 50 days / FREE.


7) = 11€ / 120 days / FREE.

8) Coinpayu(BTC+BCH) = 6€ / 120 days / FREE.

9) Tsu(USD) = 3€ / 90 days / FREE.

10) Earnsato(BTC) = 3€ / 120 days / FREE.

This is an easier-to-read table that I made yesterday using Hive-PeakD (another platform that I haven't made anything, 'cause I'm not the long articles & reading type)! Overall I have tried and lost my time on more than 33 pages & apps, but failed miserably to make any reasonable amount on them! If only I had the knowledge to use this time on services such as Lost Relics and Alien Worlds, I could have made my future/fortune, more than 100000 euros....

And this is more serious than it seems, because we are almost all the year in quarantine, we are not allowed to work, and we aren't getting paid by the government! But we normally pay all the bills, food, etc, with the minimum money that we have...

ANYWAY, this brings me to what can we do with the knowledge that we have right now.... To spend our precious time on better services... There is one thing that I suggest more than anything right now... But I 'll let one expert talk:

My own translation: "#Enjin begins staking. Chainlink started to take off as soon as it announced something similar"

This is the expert that saved me and informed the Greek world about the potential of Enjin(ENJ), when it had more than 20 times less value!!! He had informed us about this gaming-cryptocurrency in late 2020 I think...

So, there is one last thing left to say!


...and wait for Lost Relics to fix the server and become online again!

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