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Have you ever seen some writing that made you look twice, Or one that made you feel nostalgic or gave you goosebumps, Or just some writing that made you go 'wow'?

Calligraphy is the art of forming beautiful symbols by hand and arranging them well.

It’s a set of skills and techniques for positioning and inscribing words so they show integrity, harmony, some sort of ancestry, rhythm and creative fire.

Calligraphy isn't just about writing beautifully, it's about beautifying writing. The way in which symbols, letters and alphabets are whined and twisted in order to make a different look of them. It's the language spoken by a stylish pen to a worthy viewer.

Calligraphy is a rhythm played by calligraphers, to which their tools sway. It could be western, eastern, or Arabic. Sometimes a combination of two or more of these.

Have you ever tried out calligraphy?

Some people think they need to have beautiful handwriting before they can be good at calligraphy. Though, a nice handwriting helps, but not all those who can write good can be good calligraphers.

It's an art you can learn. Some have rules, while others just leave you to explore your talent.

A very good way to start is by developing love and passion for it. You know, whatever you're doing in which you want success, you'll have to grow love for it. Same thing with calligraphy. If the passion isn't there, You'll end up starting in a day and giving up the next day, especially if you've never had prior experience with it.

After love, what next?

Consistency. This is a word we hear so often. Just as growth, change and every other element in the universe is consistent (in its own way), so should your enthusiasm and practice of calligraphy be. Don't write today and then forget about it until another month(s). You'll get bored with it, and you might end up leaving it too soon.

You need to do it at a constant rate, often. Maybe when you see a beach, you immediately write a calligraphic art for its name, and maybe add some little drawings of palm trees to further refine its beauty.

Or you see a pretty baby that reminds you of childhood, and then you write something that looks memorable. If you're a poet like me, you could use calligraphy in a very good way to design your themes, then poem your thoughts and emotions.

What else?

A mentor. Definitely! Even life itself is a mentor we often call "experience" right? I might be wrong, let me know.

But you see, for every field in which you want to excel, you'll need a guide. It could be YouTube videos, or your teacher at school, just anyone. Why do you need a mentor? To motivate you, show you where you're wrong (so you may correct it) and show you that which needs more improvement.

I hope these tips will be helpful enough to help you step up with the wonderful journey of calligraphy.

Reference (Italicized portion): www.calligraphy–

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2 years ago


I'll try and work on my Calligraphy too regardless of bad handwriting. I understand you are new here so welcome. There is a strict policy against plagiarism here so next time you visit a site to get more info, ensure you include a reference at the end of your article and also the source link. It's very important. I won't approve the article because of this reason but you can edit the article, include the source link, and resubmit to the community, and ill re-access it again.

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