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Step by step(one's daily life expectations)

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11 months ago

*step by step your mother conceived having you in her womb.

*step by step you were been born to this world.

*step by step you keep on growing everyday.

*step by step your education begins, a priority for all children in the world but not all child had the priviledge.

*step by step your religious life keeps on growing.

*step by step you finished your education, stilled of hope of gigantic success and exploration about what you have chosen to be in life.

*step by step you got married,having a happy family,now some responsibilities comes up,either being a father or a mother.

*step by step time waits for you no more,you keep on growing older.

*step by step, different types of sickness comes up,signs of old age creeps in.

*step by step, the mission you are to accomplish in life ends, from now on the world has you.

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