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Set the pace.

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10 months ago

Set the pace,

Begin to win the race,

Take the risk and play the game,

It should be your name, but not that of a shame,

You could start with something,

Even with little,it could turn to much,

Remember a little drop of water, can make a mighty and big ocean,

To be a leader, you should begin with something exceptional,

It should be indeed, appreciating and enticing by others,

So many people embark on journey of no return,

While few would end the journey, not only because they are fit to do so, but because they could hear the risk, set the pace, win the race and lastly play the game.

You are nothing , only if you begin with something,

Then you are somebody, if you could come up with something intruiging,

You are man, with a big plan,

You shouldn't act like a kid with low self esteem,

How creative are you, you should display your skills,

Not hiding it in a pit,

You are strong, physically fit and healthy,

During your lifetime while on earth, you could come up with somethings that could be incriminating,

Which can make you a genius while on earth,

And surely when you are no more, your name would always be mentioned just like that of a legend.

I dropped my pen,

Doesn't mean have got nothing in my head,

An expression is all enough for a reasonable one to adapt,

A beautifully made creature with great intellect could easily recall,

It is time, you should begin your life with a warm smile.

You could travel many miles and make research,

With that you can start,

A beautiful story could tell it all,

You should always be smart and ready to adapt,

Indeed you are a loving creature with a good heart.

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Set the pace

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10 months ago