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Make a move

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11 months ago

You have to rise up and make a move,

You have got to get up and take a step,

You have got to think further and aim high,

You have got to be sure, if this what you want to do,

Before making a move in life, you have to be sure, if its,the right move,

You have got to show the world, the real you,

The sun up there is enough to dry your wet clothes,

What is it that, you can't let go

What is it that talent you got, neither did you let it show,

Why is it that you have choose to hide?

Instead of you to begin to thrive,

You could travel many miles,

The sudden moment, you think you should stop,after trying so many times,

You can climb many mountains,

All in the name of the height, you are to attain,

There is a way you could make,

There is this talent you have got to display,

Your exceptionally made,

You could set the pace

You can win the race,

You should play the game.

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Make a move

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11 months ago