Giving up?????

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2 years ago

I have felt so many times like giving up, but I will never stop,

A winner doesn't quit, a looser does,

Challenges comes so many times,I often feel like committing Suicide,

Tribulations passes by, my mind full of so many temptations, trying to do something worse,

Each and everytime, have always been blamed of my actions,

I felt like I could tear myself apart,

Anger, frustration, sadness, everything makes me feel dejected,

It hurts alot,

When you think you haven't done much,

So much prizes to be won,

So many people that could make you run,

People could find you, but they can't define you,

But you may find people, that would help redesign you,

People look down on you, neither did you think you should make a move,

A battle once defeated, can be fought again,

I tried so many times, seeing through a vision , I could recall,

Leaders could be born, little did you know yours could be made,

You should be a stepping stone to someone's bright future,

A day would come , my name would be mentioned,

As a great lady of honour and easy virtue,

Don't give up,

Don't stop,

You should rise up,

Imagination should creep in, like your at the top,

A name should be called,

And it could be yours,

Let them know, you are someone to be loved and not to be fought,

You should know,always getting ready to let it show.

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