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Behind every season is always a reason.

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10 months ago
  • Nuture your hearts with good thoughts always thinking further.

Behind every darkest hour is always a beautiful morning,

Behind every beautiful face is always an untold story of patience,

Behind every successful man is always an enhance helper which is his woman,

Behind every loving and successful child is always a beautiful mother,

Behind every intelligent student is always a qualified teacher,

Behind every stupid word you utter is always a reasonable one to adapt to,

Behind every successful leader is always a good follower,

Behind every successful apprehentice is always a hardworking boss,

Behind every profession in life is always a qualified and experienced teacher to start with,

Behind every deep thinking is always a successful achievement,

Behind every successful business owner is always a hardworking staff also is a personal assistant with great intellect,

Behind every book you read is always a good lesson to learn,

Behind every step you are to take in life is always a reason for you to sit yourself down and think about it,

Behind every wasted opportunity is always a big advantage for you to start afresh,

Behind every looser is always a winner,

Behind every cry is always a laugh,

Behind every loving soul is always a wicked one,

Behind every deep sleep is always a big dream,

Behind every worthy servant in life is always an unquestionable God.

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