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Stranded On The High Sea. My Journey Of Death, Pirates And Fear

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5 months ago

Did I really do all of that? Of course I did. Even more, lol.

So today my mind went back to a much more younger version of me. When i had no worries whatsoever. When there was so much adrenaline to burn. Then I never knew what the word careful really meant. You know what it means to be young and reckless right? That was me.



I was always on the lookout for the next adventure. Daring and so ready to go. Whatever my mind could conceive, I am all out to achieve it. How I never really ran into trouble, I simply can't relate.

As I grew much older, my love for adventure and risk greatly increased. How I survived it all still amazes me till today.

Name it, I have done it all. But a particular experience humbled me. It nearly cost me everything including my life. The story of how I came out unscathed is worth writing about. As I look back, I begin to see the folly in all of my actions back then. What Could have been if not for mother luck. On so many occasions I stared death in the face and said " not today"

I might not remember every other escapades but this particular one I can't forget. This actually changed my perception about life and how to live it.

I have done everything there is and I needed a new type of adventure. I felt I needed to explore another country. What else is there to see in my country?

During my next school holidays, the idea of going to a foreign country completely overwhelmed me. The problem is, how do I go about it. Luckily for me a cousin of mine came back at that time. He was staying in Cameroon. Another country from ours.

I told him I would love to pay him a visit. He laughed but still gave me an address. He probably thought I was joking. He will be shocked soon, lol.


The Holidays went by quickly. I was to go back to school. I was in my year 2 in the university. I got to school and found out our lecturers were on strike. School not on session. My holidays continues. Was I overjoyed?

Quickly I thought of what to do. Going back home was completely not an option. So what next? Then I remembered my plan. Is this the right time? I thought so. I was going to Cameroon to see my cousin. But how do I go about it? No Passport, not enough money, no phone number. Only had an address. Don't even know if it is a correct address. But my mind was made up. I was desperate to travel.

I had lost my Student ID card the previous semester and I couldn't get one before we vacated. I had to get a friend's ID card and affix my picture where his should be. At least let me have a form of identification. Imagine the risk.

I had two options available to me for the journey. I either go by air or by water. Where would I have the money for flight? So I had to settle for water. Never liked water as a means of transportation but I had no choice. I made enquiries and was directed on how and where to take a boat as there was no ship available.

I must say, this journey had so many red flags, but I chose to ignore them. My mind was made up. I could only see myself in a foreign country.

So I boarded a boat and off to Cameroon I went. So many incidence on the way, but I will not concentrate on them for this article.

Amir Hosseini


We got to Cameroon late in the night and after much asking I got to locate my cousin. He was quite shocked. I stayed with him for 2 weeks. Enough drama I must say, but will also save that.

I decided I need to return to my country. My only option, just like when I was coming, was through water. Again!

I chose a date and the date arrived. I would not be taking the same route. This time I would be taking the high sea. I was really uncomfortable, I have this phobia for water. To make it worse, we will still be using a small boat.

The day of the journey arrived and my nightmare began.


Nathan Dumlac

I had gotten to the jetty very early so I could be among the early boarders. Bought my ticket and was waiting to be allocated a boat. None of the available boat was in good shape. So we waited. For hours we continued to wait. No boat in sight. It dawned on us we were going to make a night journey. At about 6pm, some policemen came, commando style. They started shooting unprovoked. Later learnt they were looking for one of the boats pilot. About 5 people lost their life in the incident. I barely escaped. As it was, we couldn't continue the journey that day as the situation became tensed.

The next day came, Issues were not resolved till about 5pm. It was getting late we had to go. Never knew more sinister was waiting for us on the sea. This is where the real story begins.


1 hour into our journey, we had our first dose of what is to come. From no where some men in military uniform double crossed our boat. They arrested everyone and took us all to the boat, which is much more bigger than ours.

They searched everyone and took whatever they could find from is. I had my money hid where they couldn't see it, so I escaped that. They now asked for our passports. I gave them my ID card. They looked at it and gave it back to me. Somehow they were lenient on me but not so with others.

They later allowed is to go but after some of the passengers had paid heavily for their release. This whole drama took approximately about 2 hours. By now it was almost 9pm. I later got to find out they were sea pirates.

We restarted our journey only to find out the boats light was damaged. The pilot and his conductor had torches so it wasn't that bad. Little did me know we were in for a big shock.


Osman Rana

Not quite long we had a heavy turbulence. Somehow the conductor lost his torch. It fell into the water. Well, we still had the pilots torch at least.

Before you could say Jack, one of the outboard engine developed fault. While trying to fix it the second torch light also fell into the water. Perfect!

We were still battling with the first engine, then the second engine packed up too. That was when we discovered our boat was leaking from underneath, lol. I told myself if only I survive this.

No light, two engines bad, boat not moving, boat leaking seriously, on the high sea. I saw the devil laughing at me. We were literally standing still with water gushing into our boat. I just knew this time around I was cooked. We were sinking. It was crazy. I promised God if I get out of this alive, I would never be that stupid and reckless.


We had to look for anything to bail water quickly out of the boat, if not we will capsize and drown. Luckily we got some plates and it really helped. Luckily also, one of the engines started working, though not at full capacity. It was obvious it was faulty.

We managed to crawl with the engine for the rest of the journey , still bailing water out of the boat, till we got back to the country.

It was a harrowing EXPERIENCE. I not sure I would like a repeat. That journey helped a lot in curtailing my excesses. I would say I became more responsible after this.

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Written by   14
5 months ago
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