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SmartBCH : As I Saw In Cake So Am Seeing In Eben

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1 year ago

Since late last year I have made some good progress investing in some crypto projects. One model that has always paid off for me(at least most of the time),has been to successfully spot a project and get involved quite early.

I vividly remember buying an unknown token (then unknown ) earlier this year, I think sometime in January. I had done my research on it and seeing it was supported by Binance, it was not rocket science to see it will fly high. A lot of fundamentals were backing it up. That token happened to be CAKE, the governance token for Pancake swap.

I bought just about 100 units of CAKE for roughly $70, not wanting to risk anything. So much rug pull on BSC. I staked all into the cake pool. I was getting dividend from staking as well as the price appreciating at a good pace.

Few months later CAKE was selling at $30 and eventually got to an all time high of about $45. I sold half of my cake holding inclusive of the ones I got from staking. I got approximately $2000 from selling them.

Price subsequently crashed very low. I bought more tokens at about $10 as that was a great opportunity to replenish and even have more. Since then I have been holding cake in different pools as I believed in the project. Now the price is about $20, not yet at the all time high but we can see a lot of progress . still more to come I believe.

So where am I heading? Like I saw in cake earlier this year, so I am seeing in EBEN token now. Again, it's not rocket science. EBEN is Quite at an early stage. The developers can only build on what they have achieved so far. There is so much advantage as a first mover you know.

Might look as if nothing is happening as it is, but I see so much about to happen that I am looking for even more money to add to my holdings.

Two things I really look forward to happening in BenSwap would be the addition of more staking pools and so many diverse liquidity pools on the farm. Just like you have on pancake. I heard there is an IBO, similar to pancake swaps IDO, in the works. That for me would be a major attraction. I have profited a lot from initial offerings on different platforms, BSC, POLYGON, KUSAMA, AVALANCH, etc, that I can't wait for it to get started on SmartBCH. It's definitely something to expect with great anticipation.

Just yesterday another Liquidity pair was created and added to the farms with plenty more still to come. Gradually but surely everything will be put in place. Its a marathon after all.

I believe with time we will begin to see a much better EBEN and eventually Ben cash. The price might be crashing at this time, but I expect some form of stability soon and subsequent rebound to a much higher level.

So for me it's no brainer, HODL. (not a financial advice please) the SmartBCH storm has not even started, we are still too early.

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Written by   14
1 year ago
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