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Quest For Crypto Adoption: Supporting Crypto And The Blockchain

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1 year ago

I get asked a lot of time when crypto currencies actually started. So many people are of the opinion crypto started with bitcoin and so started in 2010. The shock on their faces when I tell them crypto started way before the advent of bitcoin.

There has been many crypto currencies that predate BITCOINS. Before now they were more known as digital currencies. Some of this earlier coins include Hashcash developed in mid 1990's, well before bitcoin. We also had bit gold, B-money and many others. They were largely unsuccessful and eventually failed.

Bitcoin was developed in 2009 and eventually launched in 2010. This started a totally new generation of digital currencies, coming with its own blockchain. Since bitcoin was launched, the world has been amazed by the technology behind it. With the success of bitcoin came other crypto currencies. To date there are over 6,000 other crypto currencies. Most of them just like bitcoin with their own blockchain.


Twelve years on crypto currencies has generally evolved. From the original concept of peer to peer transactions to multi use cases. Crypto is now used in so many ways that are quite unbelievable.

Crypto currencies as they are, are gradually replacing the way things are normally done. They are disrupting the order of things. With the coming of DEFI, the use of crypto has gained more prominence.


In spite of all this development, a Major hurdle facing crypto currencies has always been adoption. How do we get them to mainstream? Statistics shows that only 3.9 % of the world populace uses crypto. This is an estimated 300 million people. Looks like a large number but a far cry from the over 7.6 billion population of the world. This statistics though somewhat encouraging is still a long journey from the quest for crypto adoption. Not everybody wants to trade crypto, not everybody wants to buy and just hold. Many people wants to put theirs to use.

The beauty of crypto currencies now is that there are so many use cases for them and this should make adoption easier than it seems. There is that something that fits everyone no matter their orientation, no matter their likes. The onus is on us, the early adopters to discover and show them various ways crypto can be used and earned. We can actually do more with crypto.

As crypto development grew, so came up plenty of projects and platforms providing crypto related services. Whoever thought of masternodes, DeFi, sports betting, prediction, casino, gaming , all integrated into crypto.


The question now is, how do you support crypto currencies and the blockchain. Which aspect of crypto currencies or the block chain do you partake in and promote to others? As earlier mentioned, their are many project and platforms built with the aim of propagating the Gospel of crypto currencies. The idea behind this article is to engage support for these projects and platforms in other to eventually increase interest in crypto thereby allowing for more adoption.

So as a crypto enthusiast and early adopters, we could avail ourselves the use of this platforms and great project listed here instead of the regular known ones. This projects and platforms include, but not limited to


Inspite of challenges facing it, Lbry TV is still standing strong. A YouTube like platforms that rewards creators and members with crypto as they use the platform.


a micro blogging platform that promotes the adoption of bitcoin cash. Share short messages and picture and get rewarded for your efforts. Aimed at promoting bitcoin cash.


Reading this already means you know about this great platform. Here you can write all you want and blog it. You get paid doing this. Also aimed at promoting bitcoin cash.


Just like read cash, this platform allows you to write on crypto and other aspect of life and get rewarded doing this. People make a living on the sites. On some of them you get paid on the native token of the platform.


Facebook like platform. Share your stories like you would and get rewarded for doing that. Promotes the swirge token.


There are so many out there with different names and presentation. Axie infinity, my defi pet, bch games, clash of clann, so so many to name. The idea is instead of playing other games why not engage your self with all this blockchain games and make money for your self. So many people do this as a job.


BETFURY: This should arguable be the number one blockchain betting and gaming platform. From sports betting, gaming, casino, name it. They are all available on Betfury.


Decentralised Finance has literally changed the way we bank. For once banking looks like it's on your own terms now,thanks to crypto and blockchain. Imagine borrowing without any paper work. Earning interest many times higher than you will get anywhere in the world. There are so many aspects to defi projects and platforms, we only need to find out which one suites our purpose.

The beauty of all this is that crypto is still very much evolving. Defi it is today, tomorrow it will be something else. So their will always be a project that will appeal to anyone. We could help in making it easier for newbies, using this platforms for our activities and going ahead to recommend to others. The beauty of all this is that it is a win win for all involved.

So what are we waiting for? We can always start now. I have already started as am involved in all that is listed here.

Which of this projects and platforms are you involved in? Are they different? Please share so we learn and follow. The more, the merrier.

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Written by   14
1 year ago
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