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Like Philipines, Like Nigeria. Why Are We Not Exploring Blockchain Gaming

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9 months ago

One beautiful aspect of crypto currencies that appeals to almost everyone is its diversification. From simply Hodling, to DEFI to Nfts, to the latest taking the world by storm, "Gamefi", there is always a use case.

Crypto currency diversification has made it possible to on board a whole lot of people with varied interest. Some of this are people who hitherto were not quite interested in crypto and what they represent.

Someone once said, whatever Be Your taste, whatever you like, there is a token or coin associated with it. One aspect of crypto that is taking the world by storm is GAMEFI, or rather, play to earn as some will choose to call it . Though new, the momentum it os generating is quite strong.

GAMEFI is the combination of gaming and blockchain powered remuneration . In simple terms, GAMEFI allows gamers to earn crypto coins for their in game efforts.

GAMEFI, as earlier stated, is taking the world by storm. It is the rave now. Practically everyone wants to have an experience of what it is. From Splinterlands, Thetan Arena, Gala Games, clash of clans to the the latest craze, Pegaxy the numbers of adoption has been off the roof.

Suffice to say, GAMEFI has come to be a major income earner for so many people all over the world especially for people from developing countries.

Going through and noise cash, one can't help but notice different stories and posts on how successful most people are becoming just by partaking in blockchain games

World wide statistics shows that Philipines is the country with the highest adoption of blockchain games. There are about 45% of the world total gamers from there alone. Over there, it is a major source of income. It is quite astonishing. This has helped in so many ways to contribute to providing viable employment to unemployed citizens or even as an additional source of income.

Coming down here, Nigeria , just like The Philippines , is a third world country. A country with a teeming youth population. Unemployment rate is over the roof and rate of criminality is always on the increase.

When I look at the Philippines, I see a lot of similarities with Nigeria. I now ask myself why are we not exploring this aspect of the blockchain. Why can't we replicate such here in the country? With Nigeria's over population and very high unemployment rate, blockchain gaming could easily be a game changer.

Nigeria is one of the top sports betting or gambling country in the world. If only we can channel same or even half the energy towards blockchain gaming, I believe we will be a hundred times better for it.

People make over $30 per day, playing most of this blockchain games. Cumulatively this is even more than what some top managers make in a month in the country.

In the Philipines, blockchain gaming is big business. People setup shops and offices just for others to come and play and make money for themselves. Most guilds are managed by them. Imagine that being replicated in Nigeria.

The beautiful thing about this blockchain game is that they are quite easy to setup and play. Most don't require complex skills to participate. Take for instance the latest craze, Pegaxy. It needs absolutely no skill and people are making a killing with it.

Seeing all the enormous benefits in blockchain gaming, I believe Nigeria as a country stand to benefit immensely from its adoption. The question is, how do we get to on board people to it.

Creating massive awareness is totally key and it begins with the few that has experienced the benefits. There are huge potentials in blockchain gaming and it has the capacity to change lives especially in a country like ours.

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Written by   14
9 months ago
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