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Crypto Is Beautiful, Make Them See The beauty Anyway Possible.

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1 year ago

The year was 2009, approximately 21 years ago. An anonymous individual under the pseudonym "satoshi" created what is today, arguably, the first crypto currency, and called it bitcoin. Since then it has gone on to be the biggest crypto currency so far.

The numbers of different crypto currencies, better known as altcoins, has gone on to increase to over 6000. With the growth in numbers of cryptos, so has the growth in their use cases. Initially cryptos was used mainly as a form of payment, peer to peer if you will.

Over the years this image of crypto has greatly changed. There are so many things cryptos are used for as it is. So many use cases if you put it that way. To put it in proper perspective, for most aspects of life their is a use case available in crypto.

People have choices and likes as the case might be. What is applicable to one might not be appropriate for another. As we are different so is our likes different.

The beauty of crypto currencies is that it covers almost every aspect of life as we know it. Very far from how it used to be at inception. For every field there is a crypto use case. Defi, gaming, sports, betting, music, casino, social media, etc.

So many people have been attracted to crypto due to a particular use case. Many people fell in love with crypto because they love gaming. Like you know there are so many crypto built around gaming. Splinterlands, axie infinity, dragonary etc. So also is banking, where you have DeFi. Travalar for travelling, Nfts for arts and so many other use cases.

You will agree with me that initially crypto were basically for hodling or trading. You either hold your crypto waiting for price to appreciate or you take advantage of the fluctuations in price movement by trading.

The idea here is to identify which aspect of crypto suits you as a person. I remember talking to a friend about investing in crypto. All I said didn't interest him in the least, so he was quite reluctant. When I introduced him to defi, he became interested. Today he has more investment in crypto than I do. Same with a colleague, not until I showed him Splinterlands did he become interested in crypto.

So you see their is a particular use case that might attract that person to crypto currency.

Like they say, everyone, everything has a price, the idea is to find the price and pay it. Find an interest they might like, their is a crypto in that regards.

Crypto is beautiful. We need to make them see the beauty in every way possible.

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Written by   14
1 year ago
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