Foods After Childbirth That Help Your Body Recover Faster

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There are a number of good postpartum foods to help speed up your recovery. After giving birth to your little one, rest and healthy food play an important role in the recovery period.

Both vaginal delivery and caesarean, both still require recovery in a healthy way. Well, food has an important role to help you recover faster.

Diet food after giving birth

In this case, Mother is advised to diet certain foods or even consume certain types of foods that make the body recover faster as usual. Launching from Romper, just like emergency instructions on a flight, good postpartum nutrition is the same as putting on an oxygen mask first when in certain emergency conditions.

"Your body needs essential nutrients for healing and post-delivery recovery," says nutritionist Tara Bassi.

“Your body also needs fuel to provide an adequate supply of breast milk for your baby. In addition, essential nutrients are important for overall mental function, energy levels, and for reducing the risk of postpartum depression.”

Furthermore, regarding food after giving birth, Bassi recommends including protein, fat, and carbohydrates at every meal. It aims to stabilize blood sugar and provide long-lasting energy.

So what foods do nutritionists recommend so you can recover quickly after giving birth?

3 important nutrients in the diet after giving birth

In addition to the foods that you should include in your diet, there are some important foods that you should avoid during the postpartum period.

Another nutritionist, Amy Shapiro recommends eliminating processed foods, excess sugar, and artificially sweetened foods, all of which provide quick energy but ultimately leave you feeling tired and lethargic.

"Such foods only increase inflammation and provide minimal nutrition. They won't help with repair and recovery," Romper wrote.

While quoting from Whattoexpect, the importance of mothers increasing postpartum nutrition is because:

1. Can speed up recovery

A nutrient-dense diet full of complex carbohydrates, fiber, healthy fats and protein, plus adequate hydration, can help heal your body. Improving healthy postpartum nutrition is a way to prevent bone loss, replenish iron stores and prevent hemorrhoids.

2. Enriches breast milk production

Consumption of post-partum food is also a booster for breast milk production. What you eat and drink is very important for the quantity and quality of your breast milk supply.

3. Maintain Mother's Stamina

A balanced diet can support the 24-hour stamina you need to take care of your little one.

Check out the list of foods after giving birth that are recommended for breastfeeding mothers.

List of foods after childbirth that are good for recovery. Still quoting from Romper, here are the foods that are recommended to consume to restore the mother after childbirth, including:
  1. Fruits

Fruits contain antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, all of which help to keep you healthy, increase your milk supply, heal and reduce inflammation, and hydrate you.

  1. Whole grains

Whole grains, and anything full of complex carbohydrates, are another important post-delivery. They have fiber to help with regularity, provide energy, and are a good source of B vitamins.

  1. Avocado

Healthy fats are a must during the postpartum period. Healthy fats like avocado help you feel full, provide energy to aid healing and milk production, keep skin glowing, and fight inflammation.

  1. Meat

Since protein is such an important part of postpartum nutrition, lean meats are an easy choice to keep on any carnivore's list. Lean meats, usually including beef, lamb, and chicken, can help heal your body and repair your skin inside and out.

  1. Nuts

Nuts in general are an excellent post-delivery option, but nuts in particular are a great source of iron. Which is allegedly able to beat the blood-boosting pills, Mother.

Hopefully this information about postpartum food is useful, Moms!

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