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Being a happy family is dream of every family in the world. For married couples, life and death is a commitment and a promise that no one can break. Plus if there is already a baby, of course you want to bring a happy family for him.

Unfortunately, many married couples end up feeling bored because of relationships that are like 'that-that' all their lives. There are even those who vent their boredom in relationships with children, so that they are vulnerable to domestic violence.

For those of you who want to always be a happy family, please read following tips, maybe they can help make your family a happy family.

-Keep Electronics

Electronic devices that often take up time, especially objects called smart phones, nowadays cannot be far from smart phones.

When you get home after work, turn off your smart phone or other gadgets so you can focus on your family. In addition, also invite your little one not to play his cellphone too often, because it is also not good for his eyes.

-Don't Forget to Praise

In midst of your busy life, pay attention to everything related to family, especially children. Starting from their attitude, their hard work, and what changes have happened to them. Give praise for his hard work so that the feeling of pride and being loved remains.

Do not forget, between husband and wife can also give compliments to each other so that relationship is getting closer. Thus, a happy family will be maintained because of its positive aura.

-Always Spend Time Together

Married couples will not have time to spend time with their families if they don't make it a priority. No matter how busy your work is, you still have to make a schedule to go out and spend time together to keep family relationships warm.

A happy family can be created when every family member feels close to each other. And when we spend time together, we can build a conversation with our children, thus letting them let their heads out. This way, they will not feel pressured at home and can open up with their families.

When you are in a debate or argument in family, try one of them to give in. Not that we justify whatever couple is talking about, but try to speak more subtly and find a way out together.

-Laughs a lot

Usually things that make you laugh only happen at the beginning of relationship. Many couples don't even remember when they laughed and shared funny things together. Don't let this happen to you. Try to laugh a lot together because research proves, couples who laugh a lot together will have a longer and happier relationship. Keep this good habit even when there are children because happiness is always associated with laughter, and so is a happy family.

-Sharing Tasks

Housework is not only the responsibility of housewives, it is only natural that each family member also helps each other to do household chores.

The division of tasks should not be made a burden, but should be part of a family activity together, so that a happy family atmosphere can be created even from simple things. For example, washing dishes will be very fun, especially when one another can help each other.

-Build Good Communication

Communication is one thing that can affect harmony of a household because with wrong communication, misunderstandings will arise which will later lead to quarrels.

When husband is busy at work, don't forget to communicate with his wife, keep communicating and give a sense of concern through communication, as well as children who suddenly become grumpy or quiet, through communication, parents can find out the cause. Maybe they had a bad day at school or didn't feel well.

-Create Activities Together

Every happy family needs activities or things that they routinely do. Having dinner together at the dinner table and sharing stories, is a simple one, reading fairy tales to your little one, taking him to school, or every weekend you and your family spend time on vacation.

Whatever the activity, no matter how small, if it is made as something that is routinely done, it will build a harmonious relationship in the family.

-Paying each other's attention

Husband and wife who care for each other can also make the household more harmonious and happy. Even a little attention can make a couple happy. Devoting this attention also means being able to say words of love and affection to each other. This indeed looks very simple, but if age of marriage has been long, sometimes husband or wife rarely says word love and affection. Likewise for children by asking how their activities at school are, or being enthusiastic about their hobbies. Therefore, often say words of affection or love to your spouse and children.

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You are right that a happy family is a happy family is the dream of every family in the world. For couples, life and death are a promise and commitment that no one can break. I learned a lot here in your friend article about happy families

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1 year ago

You are right, being a happy family is the dream of evert family in the world, for that we must our best to create a happy family. Thanks for commenting

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