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The Outcome Of an Event

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9 months ago

“I’m pregnant, ” she said in an inaudible tone.

“ Ehnn!! Preg what!!” the food she served suddenly became sour in my mouth.

“ Who’s the father? I’m happy for you oh!” I said with a straight face.

“You are the father, Marvin.” She was fighting the tears cycling in her eyes from dropping.


“ Don’t patronize me. I know you saw your period last week and we only did it two weeks back. Hello!! It’s circled on my calendar, love. ” I was trying to justify myself.


“Are you for real right now? You know I’m not promiscuous, Marvin. Don’t question my Fidelity, please. Look, I don’t know what to do.” She was now sweating profusely.


“Look! I don’t know whose child you are carrying but I assure you, I won’t be caught up in a web,” I slammed the door into her face and left.


It took about thirty minutes to get to my place. Jude, my roommate and best friend was in shorts and a T-shirt. He dropped the call and faced me.


“ I just got a call from Juliet. she said you denied the pregnancy. Bro… How could you? We both know that girl is not a call girl. So, school me, brother. Because I don’t know this you.” Jude’s muscles were pumped up. It was understandable. He had a thing for Juliet.

“Oh! Oh!! Oooh!!! This is a conspiracy. You guys want to rob me in your mess. Look saint Jude, I won’t have that pregnancy. Poverty no be philosophy. As I dey chop rice and chicken at will, e no sweet you abi? You think this small change we are making is money? Brother, you don drink garri before? Hmmm… I do no. I’m not caught up for this nau!” I was at the top of my voice.


I sank into a chair next to me.

“ God knows I love her, Mahn!! How can a girl see her period and be pregnant? It doesn’t make any sense. Look at that calendar, Jude. The circled date was when we did it. Put yourself in my shoes, bro. What would you do if you was me?” I was looking at him straight in the eyes.


“What are you saying!!! Are you a medical doctor now? All I know is that, we both know she isn’t that kind of girl.” He looked disappointed at this point.


I wasn’t sure of what to do next. I wasn’t ready to become a father yet. We stayed on the second floor of the Three-storey building. I opened the window to get some fresh air. Directly opposite the storey building was another populated hostel with students.


I had a knack for news. So, I needed something to distract me from the situation. As I stared at the rusty black gate, as two guys walked into the compound. They seemed fond of each other. I watched as they cracked jokes and laughed out loud.

I observed with keen interest. The slim one had a tribal mark on his face ( a mark that looked like he had an encounter with a lion) The fat one brought out a chair for him to sit. He went inside again. His friend who was seated, stood up to quickly bring out a large polythene bag. I was curious to know what he wanted to do.


He went to the line where clothes were hung and pulled all of them into the polythene bag. He then threw it over a fence, into another compound, after tying the bag of clothes. I stood in shock.  I wasn’t sure of what to do. So, I kept watching the whole incident. He sat down with a smile on his face. His friend came out with a plate of rice for him.

After thirty minutes, a girl came out and was screaming that her clothes were stolen. The alarm called out to every other occupant in their rooms. More people joined the fuss for their missing clothes. They decided to search everyone’s room.


The perpetrator silently followed them as they searched from room-to-room. I couldn’t hold back my laughter as I watched. It was a classic. They started accusing one another. When I had seen enough, I decided it was time to expose the real culprit.

I placed a call to a friend of mine. He was a member of the vigilante group. Since he was just a stone throw away from my hostel, he was with me within a flash of time. I explained the situation to him. He smiled and put a call across to some of his boys. I showed him the guy whom was responsible for the act and he asked me to wait for his boys to come. We waited silently.

To be continued tomorrow.

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Written by   19
9 months ago
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I think Jude needed something to cool his head off and so he watched some funny drama even though what the culprit did was unfair and bad, but at least you still had that laugh but the fact is that he is still going to be caught up in his mess and should accept the pregnancy.

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9 months ago

Yes, that's life for you.

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9 months ago