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Dealing with an overactive child.

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2 months ago

It is common knowledge that our children of these generation are usually very active and filled with energy. It's almost like they never get tired, having two young ones might seem like you have a whole army of kids to deal with, in most cases we have to actually force them to get some rest against their will . They tend to easily adapt and learn what they see and hear, and in our generation where technology rules the day, parents tend to engage them in activities like playing games, watching a video on their phones or other technology related activities just so they can have some rest.

Involving them in more physical activities

Many times we tend to involve or engage these children in more physical activities, like extra school lessons or more house shores, but I feel there is a more better and productive way to handle this. Though education is important but learning a skill is also important in our society today where a certificate cannot guaranty you a job.

Like I said earlier, kids easily adapt to what they see or hear, if we can start engaging them on other activities like swimming, dancing, and other sports activities it's not just a skill they can learn but it also helps keep them fit and healthy. You could also teach them skills like learning the piano or any other musical instruments, and other various hand skills like drawing, designing and the likes it not only help them channel that excess energy to something useful and productive, it also gives them something to build their passion on

I just left an event which kids where the starts of the show. I was amazed when I heard some of the age. Some where not even up to five years old yet they could follow routine

Imagine what these kids would be able to do or achieve as teens if they continue in these steps then not to mention adults, it would indeed be wonderful.

With these method you can also easily find out what your child is passionate about at a young age and help them grow it. It was indeed wonderful to see little kids play some classical music with the paino. There was one in particular that could sing and play the keyboard at the same time.

As parents it's our duties to prepare our children for the future and support them in any way we can, I feel this would also be a good way to build up their character, they would be able to express themselves in the sociaty and be the stars that they are.

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Written by   3
2 months ago
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