What is the Ruble?

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The Ruble is the currency used in Russia, Abkhazia, Belarus, South Ossetia and Transnistria. Elana Glinskaya, mother of Ivan the Fourth was responsible for introducing the first Ruble to standardize the Russian monetary system in 1534. Tsar Alexi, to finance the Russian - Polish war 1654 - 1667 introduced the "Copper Ruble" in 1662. In 1769 Empress Catherine introduced a "Paper Ruble" with notes backed by silver Rubles. In 1895 Serge Witte replaced the silver Ruble with a "Gold Ruble". "Soviet Ruble" introduced in 1924 by Vladimir Lenin. 1925 - 1927 coins minted with Tsar Alexander for foreign trade because Western government refuse coins with soviet symbols. "Putins Ruble" 2000 - present.

Gold Ruble

12 Fun Facts about the Ruble:

1. The Ruble is almost 500 years old.

2. Elana Glinskaya in the year 1534 introduced the first Ruble.

3. The first Ruble was silver then in 1662 changed to copper.

4. 1704 Peter the Great reformes currency, 28 grains of silver = 1 Ruble, decimalized, divided into kopek, 100 kopek = 1 ruble.

5. Empress Catherine introduced the paper Ruble in 1769 backed by silver Rubles.

6. Serge Witte introduced the golden Ruble 1895.

7. 1922 USSR replaces the "Imperial Russian Ruble" with the "Soviet Ruble".

8. 1925 - 1927, special golden Rubles with Tsar Alexander's portrait were minted for foreign trade.

9. 1931 Soviet Ruble becomes a private domestic currency.

10. 2000 - present, era of Putins Ruble.

11. 2022 President Putin signs decree demanding hostile entities to pay for Russian goods in Rubles.

12. March 31, 2022, 1 Dollar = 80 Ruble.

Paper Ruble Note
Ruble Symbol
Silver Ruble



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