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Advertise your jobs/tasks and get freelancers for them!

Hello friends! This idea came after i noticed we are more than 10,000 members here and very active. We are earning for our posts and for our activity, but we can grow our earnings daily with just some ideas.

I started a community (Jobs & Simple Tasks) and the aim is to connect employers and freelancers inside this site! There is no need to find other freelancers in Fiver, Upwork, etc and giving them opportunity for earning money from your jobs or simple tasks while we are more than 10,000 members here in @Read.Cash because i believe among us 10,000+ there are many good freelancers who can do your jobs very well and for good prices!

How will this work?

I created a google form for employers, anyone who will need to offer his/her job or simple task in my community will have to feel that form first. You will write full details about your job or task, number of freelancers you need for the job, and everything else like uploading any images or documents for your job if needed.

More than 1000 freelancers for your job!

After writing all the job details you will submit it and immediately our moderator will review the job and contact you for finishing up. You have the option for post your job/task yourself or we can post it for you after giving us full details.

Job/task Rewards.

We have set payments for the jobs and tasks and we call them (rewards) we have maximum rewards for each jobs and tasks, but you can chose to pay more rewards if you wish to support the freelancer who did your job or if you loved the job results. After submit the form, a moderator will contact you to tell you if your job can be posted in our community according to our T&C, and if you will be satisfied with everything, you can pay for the job and we will post it for you or we will send you a job unique number (Eg. JOB#0012 or TASK#0012) and you will post the job yourself and attach that number after the job heading.

Post any LEGAL job or task!

NOTE: You will choose a payment method when filling the employer job form, and we will not pay any freelancer until they finish the job/task, submit, and send them to you so that you can prove the results (There is a form for freelancers to submit completed jobs) so don't worry about anything.

Jobs and Small Tasks.

We accept many different jobs with different amount depending with the size or value of the job.

Here are our 15 JOB's categories that we accept in our community for now:

  • Copywriter

  • SEO specialist

  • Visual assistant

  • Voice over

  • Writing

  • Data entry

  • Presentations

  • Proofreading/ Editing

  • Translation

  • Transcribing

  • Graphic designing

  • Video editing

  • Script designing

  • Mobile app developing

  • Web designing/ developing

Just choose your category job when filling the employer form. If you have a job but different category, just give us details and we will review it.

Give opportunity to members!

Here are the SIMPLE TASK's that we accept for now:

  • Email subscribers

  • Collect signups

  • Referral/affiliate program

  • Pay per post (Forums - Bitcointalk, Cryptotalk, Altcointalk)

  • Content readers

  • Youtube subscribers/ viewers/ likes/ HONEST comments

  • Twitter followers/ likes/ HONEST comments

  • Instagram followers/ likes/ HONEST comments

  • Facebook + Linkedin + Pinterest and any other social network traffic

  • + Any other Pay per action/click task.

If you have different task, just write us some details in the employer form and we will review it.

NOTE: We only accept tasks from legal sites + SSL certificate. We also don't accept all domains, we don't accept this domains (.ma/ .ga/ .ca & etc) we need sites with known domains like this (.com/ .co/ .net/ .io & etc)!


This is a good idea dear members! I created this community so that we can have many benefits here in so if you are with me, join the community please and wait for our first EMPLOYER!

Our moderators will post all available jobs in our community, and any member can do it. There is a special for for freelancers to submit their completed jobs, but we will not pay for all jobs or tasks, we will pay only if the employer will be satisfied with the job results. So, try to complete every job/task very carefully.

Jobs & Simple Tasks anywhere!

An employer can offer the rewards for the job/task, but we have a maximum reward for our community so don't worry about payments. A great work can give you another work, and you may receive extra rewards from your employer.

After finishing the job/task and submit the results, you have to go back to the job post and comment DONE then tag one of our moderators so that we can review your form submission quickly.



If you agree with me, that we have many good freelancers here in, join the community please! Thanks for reading.

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I remember how I started. I was always abused by my landlord, he was seeling me to many shop groceries, licitation,slavery I still remember thoses feelings. After some years I becomed self-emloyeed-potato, that day I becomed very happy potato, and Im close to reach financial freedom.

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