CNFT token on CCTip exchange!

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The presence of the Binance Coin pair on CCTip is of increasing interest to the community.

Yups, That's what's hot right now on the platform. CCTip is a tip bot cryptocurrency that can be used on Telegram, Reddit, Twitter and Discord.

CCTip is widely used by the cryptocurrency community to tip, airdrop, rain and giveaway to someone or group. This platform is very helpful especially for tokens from the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP). Because you can easily trade or swap tokens with a very cheap registration fee.

On this platform, we take advantage of the token that we are developing, namely the CNFT token.

CNFT token is a crypto currency built on the Simple Ledger Protocol network or from the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain. With a total supply of 25000 CNFT.

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Why do you have to have a CNFT token?

~ Because we give BCH dividends every month. for users who save CNFT in non-custodial wallets such as and

Where do CNFT tokens generate dividends from?

~ The dividend was generated from the April NFT sales on . So every NFT that is sold, 50% will be given to CNFT token holders and 50% will be used for CNFT token and April NFT operations.

Where can I get CNFT tokens?

~ For now you can get CNFT tokens at with the CNFT/BCH and CNFT/BNB pairs. Apart from CCTip, you can also get CNFT by adding new friends to our telegram groups

What are the future plans other than selling the NFT?

~ CNFT is planning to be able to use the Staking feature in the Zapit wallet. And Our focus on CNFT/BCH and CNFT/BNB pairs in adding liquidity pool to CCTip.

⭐ It is our hope that in the future, CNFT can list on CEX such as the Binance Exchange ⭐ why not!

Maybe this is just an explanation of the CNFT token and CCTip exchange.

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