A Trip To The World's Biggest Mangrove Forest!

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The beauty of nature has no bound. Many great travelers have expressed their regret over the unseen and unknown through these steps even after traveling to many countries of this vast world. There is really no end to what people see and know.

And education is the right time for people to know the unknown and see the unseen. That's why every year to cut the monotony of life, new Educational tours are organized from our college to gain new experiences and increase the scope of knowledge through visiting various scenic and traditional places.

I participate in the annual educational tour of the college every year. And for a long time I wanted to go somewhere that would be lost between the river and the deep forest. Where wildlife is constantly in sight, the chirping of birds in the morning will give a different feeling. Where the rest of life will not be difficult to overcome. And I have the opportunity to fulfill my longed desire to see the blue sky, forests and rivers by visiting the Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world, during my annual educational trip couple of years back.

In 2018, when I was in class XII, I was taken on an educational trip from our college to the Sundarbans during the winter of February. One winter morning at 9 o'clock we all the students and teachers got on the bus from the college premises and left for the Sundarbans.

About 350 people participated in the educational tour by taking 6 buses. Our destinations were Kachikhali, Nilkamal and Katka. So all the way we reached Nilkamal at 2 pm while sitting on the bus and enjoying songs, reciting poems, telling jokes etc.

There is permission from Dhangmari Forest Station to enter the forest. Quiet-quiet environment, only the sound of the launch engine can be heard.

Wherever the eye goes in the distance, there is only green and green. We were all fascinated by the chirping of unnamed birds and the wildlife and the beauty of the river. And that fascination gave birth to poetry among our teachers. Our Bengali teacher also recited a poem by Jibanananda Das.

In the middle of this forest surrounded by beautiful trees, no one knew when the afternoon rolled by. In the afternoon, when the meal was almost over, the blue lotus faded away. He is also called 'Hiran Point'.

The next day's journey was to Katka. There were different species of deer and unnamed birds. The fishes of different colors were passing by and hunting fish. On the other hand, nothing can be seen in the blue water of the canal except Pankauri.

It was late in the afternoon to reach Katka. Lots of broken tree trunks can be seen everywhere you look. However, the fact that the tree grows so fast does not mean that it will take long for Katkar to return to the previous scene.

As soon as we reached Katka beach, we saw the sun setting. The play of the colors in the sky and the sight of the sun plunging into the sea like a red dish creates a strange feeling in our minds. But before dark, everyone came back to the launch.

The next day our journey was to Kachikhali, where the beach fascinated us. The morning sunrise on the beach, the afternoon sunbathing and the twilight sunset seemed to create a different fascination.

And I still have the wonderful taste of seafood and huge shrimp fried in beach food hotels.

All in all, it was a journey that cannot be described as an experience. We are fascinated by the animals, birds, fish, the roar of the tigers, the variety of fish and the wonderful view of the forest. Sometimes rivers and streams, sometimes rivers and forests and sometimes or just rivers attracted our minds. It is a beautiful sight that cannot be felt without seeing it with one's own eyes.

On this trip we not only enjoyed the beauty of the Sundarbans. Gained a memorable experience and a lot of knowledge about this largest mangrove forest in the world.

So last time it was time to return home. We all came into the Kachikhali canal and turned off the engine of the boat and remained silent for a long time. I tried to feel the silence of that wonderful colorful environment.

I tried to feel this solitude so that this journey of ours would be eternal in my mind. This feeling cannot be explained to anyone. The memory of this journey will remain with me forever and forever.

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