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Your Mindset Is Determined By Your Programming

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The Difference Between Being Rich and Being Poor, Lies In Your Programming

by: Michaelson Williams, TSX

Most people who are wealthy have a mindset that is programmed to be successful. They know that they have the power to change their life and they know what it takes to get there. This is why they are able to keep going even when things seem impossible. On the other hand, people who do not possess a wealth driven mindset generally don't make it to the pinnacle of success. Without the success programming every failure is a point where people find excuses to vacate the journey towards their dreams.

What you think about your life has a direct effect on how you live it. If you believe that you can be successful, then you will be successful. You just need to work hard and stay focused on your goals. People with a programmed mindset for success never shy away from hard work. The success and winning mindset programming do not allow this type of person to ever give up on themselves. The hard work that other people shirk off is the type of work that a real Go-Getter will dive in to head first. Most people think that rich people have it easy. I'm sure you've heard this or even thought it yourself, but this idea is false. People with the winner's programming not only have it harder they choose to move forward despite the journey being difficult.

When a person's success programming is flawed or damaged they can only see what is going wrong with their success journey. When a person's success programming is not flawed or damaged they can still see what's going wrong with their success journey, but they choose to find solutions. Individuals with mindset programming based in failure cannot find solutions to the problems they are encountering. Flawed success programming won't allow a person to see the potential positive outcome. Without the ability to see positive outcomes while seeking riches the goal post keeps moving further away.

One thing that you should know is that there isn't much difference between having a wealthy or poor mindset. The differences between the two is still completely based upon the mind. Being wealthy versus being poor is not about what you have, but rather about how you think. How and what you think about your interaction with your journey towards success is everything, and I mean Everything. We build our reality around what we think of ourselves and the world views we carry day to day. Most people carry a world view based upon lack, so in their life "lack" becomes the major influence in their life. The proof is in the number of people who "have" versus the number of people who "don't have", but it's the mindset that holds the power.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule, and there are factors in life which are meant to hold you down. I'm sure you've gone through situations in your life where you know you picked a winner and still lost. I'm sure there were times where you thought you had a perfect plan of action and things still didn't turn out as planned. I'm even 100% sure that you've created successes, lived in those successes, and then something unfortunate happened and you lost it all. What you must understand is that failing in life is normal and a part of the journey. Wealthy people go through the same events in their life, maybe not as often but it happens. The major difference is how you deal with adversity when it comes.

Life isn't fair, life has never been fair, and life will never be fair. This is why only a few people rise to the top in life. Most people are winners by design. However, the people who run the world figured out that average people do the most physical work in society. Thus the failure programming was created to keep people average and more controllable. But the failure programming can be reprogrammed by you so that you can win at anything and everything you want in life. It's True! No matter how bad or negative your current programming you have the complete power to change it. Societies lie wants you to continue believing that the failure programming is yours forever but it's not.

The failure programming is everywhere and is continued by the habits you keep. Yes, you are the biggest advocate of your failure programming. This means that everyday you wakeup and give yourself a fresh dose of failure programming. You want to win naturally but like the movie Groundhog Day you keep starting over with the same program. Most people are clueless to this fact, so I'm going to give you some tips on how to reduce the failure programming in your life. The important takeaway here is that you have a choice whether to use these tips or continue living your Groundhog Day. It's Up To You.

Here's how wealthy people keep their winning programming intact.

1. Wealthy people almost never watch television. It's called Television Programming because it's literally controlling your thinking and behavior. Television shows has made you believe that everything in life should come easy. People act as if success and riches should come to them before the end of the show they are watching. Read "Trainwashing, The Secrets Of Positive Brain Washing" for better understanding of how you have been programmed away from your natural ability to succeed.

2. Wealthy people do not watch lots of movies. There is negative social programming in almost every movie you watch. ie. Men are all idiots, or weak, and women are stronger and better than men at everything etc, etc. The best way to unveil this negative programming is to separate it into two parts. How? Simply turn on subtext while watching movies or television. The brain takes the information breaks it apart and shows you the truth. Read "True Success Naturally, Corrective Linguistic Programming" for more on how to reverse your negative social programming.

3. Wealthy people don't associate with negatively socially programmed people. Poor minded people will bring you down to their level every time, so delete broke minded people from your success journey. Letting people in your life go who are negatively programmed is not easy, but it's definitely necessary.

4. Wealthy people get up everyday before 5 am and never lay in bed when the morning is calling to them. There is something magical about 5 am that brings on high levels of productivity. Wealthy people almost never miss the opportunity to connect to the source of creativity. Don't set an alarm. You must say "I am going to wake before 5 am" and do it. In a short time you'll wake without any assistance, and you'll know the productivity power is real.

5. Wealthy people feed their body with food as if it's a machine. The more unhealthy foods you put into your body the worse your mind and body will perform. You will never become wealthy with a jalopy as a vehicle. Your body is your vehicle to success and wealth, so fuel that machine like you want it to run.

6. Wealthy people make time for exercise no matter what. Sitting around doing unproductive things when you could be getting into better shape is pointless. Don't go to the gym. Workout at home for no longer than 20 minutes per day. Start somewhere, anywhere, but get started. 5 pushups, 5 squats, 5 sit-ups, and 5 second plank. Don't increase the number until every exercise is performed perfectly. Read "I'm Core Fit, Success In One Day For The Rest Of Your Life" for more better health and fitness mindset tips.

7. Wealthy people have great self talk. Listen to what that voice between your ears is saying, and if that voice isn't speaking to you with love and respect fix it. Meditate on this until you are in complete harmony with your inner conversations. No one can ruin your wealth journey quicker than you. Read workbook: "Expanding Trainwashing Study Guide, Learning To Let Go Of The IT" to work through deep seeded negative controlling life long social conditioning.

Remember this and say it to yourself daily. People who are wealthy focus on the positive aspects of life and believe that they can control their future. They don't blame others for their problems, instead they take responsibility for themselves and work to change their situation.

by: Michaelson Williams, TSX

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Written by   306
1 week ago
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