Top 5 Fitness Mindset Hacks Of 2023

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by: Michaelson Williams

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If you change your ideas around creating a harmonious fitness mindset, everything else will begin to fall into place automatically. Start with these top 5 fitness mindset hacks, and then you'll be directed to where your new fitness journey begins.

1. Have or build a mindset around being able to workout anywhere, anytime, Because the battle against a sedentary life does not depend on a gym membership.

2. Build a mindset around being grateful after every workout, because increased health and fitness is a gift that keeps on giving, but only if it's appreciated.

3. If you are out of shape and don't care enough about yourself to do something about it, think about giving a gift of 15, 20, or 35 lbs. to someone you love. Over time that someone will become you, and your self purpose will begin.

4. Using a scale to measure your weight loss for many creates psychological pain. If this is you, forget about the scale and only use increased fitness output, and food uptake as your markers of success.

5. Write down a 200 to 300 word " I Will Do" positive affirmation about your fitness to repeat everyday and night. By the time you can recite your affirmation by memory your fitness levels would have increased.

The Data & Solution

Studies have shown that 92% of people who set goals never achieve them. This is incredibly disheartening to say the least. Why are so many people not able to achieve goals they set in their life? What is so difficult that no matter how people try to set and complete life fulfilling goals they fail? How is it possible to help people to achieve their set-goals the first time around?

Lack of goal achievement is a bigger issue than what you think. The entire economic system, poverty, and wealth is based upon whether people can succeed in life. This success, because of the social construct we live in right now is based upon financial and mental stability. Without both society has no choice but to collapse in on itself, eventually.

Here's the problem... People need extended and constant motivation in small increments throughout the day if they are to be successful. If only 8% of people who set goals actually achieve them then the other 92% are failing, and failing often. People don't set goals once. People set goals over and over because their intentions are to be successful in the achievement of their goals. With only 8% of the goal-setting population experiencing success there isn't enough winning to motivate others to move down the same path. People want to see others close to them be successful, so they can believe success is also for them.

A 92% failure rate in goal achievement is unacceptable, mostly because I believe success is a natural process of mankind. This means that the current model of success building is extremely flawed. This also means with all the self-help books and other content on success and the achievement of it in the world, people are still failing at an enormous rate. This shows us that the self development and self help along with other positive mindset tools supporting setting goals, is ineffective at best. What this means is people are spending billions and even trillions collectively over the years to ultimately fail. What A Waste.

Motivation and accountability are likely subsets of the larger issue, which is, people need to experience winning more often. It's been proven time and time again that the more you succeed the better you feel about success. In the same way, the more you fail the worse you feel about yourself. People must have a tool that is so powerful that the mind self-isolates from everything that moves it from success. People need more than ever to be connected to larger communities with other people in them who are also looking to achieve their goals. If more people see others like them in the achievement state they will want to set goals themselves to also be in this state of mind.

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Sadly, I belong to that 92%. This seems a great list of mindset hacks. Also, I am adjusting my goals to a more achievable level. Then use them as stepping stones to achieve my bigger goals.

Lastly... Wow! There is an app for this. I will check it out. I hope it's compatible with my Huawei phone

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1 year ago

Hello there JLoreriza! To day is a good day!

Yes, if you belong to the 92% it's time to make adjustments to your life, but more importantly to your mindset. Using a stepping stone approach to achieving your goals is a great idea, but do not structure your goals around less. Keep your goals high, believe that you will achieve them, and work very hard to get it done. Retrain your mindset to the idea that everything you do towards one achievement amplifies the next.

I'm not sure about the app working on your phone but it's worth a shot, or set a goal to get a new phone in the next three weeks. Think of it everyday and work like hell to get that phone.

Have a great day!

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1 year ago

I almost forgot. Thank you very much for the upvote!👍

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1 year ago