Sam Altman's Worldcoin Wants Your Eyes, Beware!

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Right out of a dystopian society novel the creators of Worldcoin boldly wants to scan your retina. Why? Every article that we've discovered wants you to believe it's for the "Good of Humanity". This is usually how the lie is sold to the uninformed masses, to cover up the nefarious acts going on behind the scenes. Only Worldcoin's nefarious project is right in your face. This project is a playbook right out of Steven Spielberg's Minority Report originally written by Philip K. Dick. When a company produces and acquires backers for this type of surveillance project is't with out a doubt scary stuff, and sets a precedent for worldwide people-tracking. Imagine not being able to go anywhere or do anything without big tech driven by AI, tapped right into government control, watching everything you say and do. The Worldcoin project whether the founders know it or not allows for controls, and surveillance like never seen before of every man, woman, and child. Mankind can never be free once the Worldcoin retina scanning is fully operational. Absolutely no project of this manner and magnitude can or will bring an ounce of good to the world. The creator's of such a project must fully understand the purpose of the project and know very well its use case can only bring total tyranny to the entire planet.

Only complete fools would introduce a crypto project which turns retinal scans into completely unique digital numbers that matches a single person. Finger prints are unique but there has been cases where the human print has been falsified. The human eyes on the other hand can not be falsified and never can be changed or at least not very easily. In the movie Minority Report Tom Cruise's character has to undergo a back-ally operation to alter his eyes in order to avoid being tracked by a Worldcoin type surveillance system. To tell people to stay as far away from Worldcoin as possible would be a vast understatement. To tell people to run like hell as far away from this obvious trap would be a warning label which should be posted on every news medium known to man. The articles about this coin has the markers known to the savvy Conspiracy Theorist as greed incitement, and double speak written all over them. We know for sure that anytime there is a means of using digital and other systems to participate in nefarious activities people will take those opportunities, this includes creator's of crypto's, banks, governments, etc. Thus it makes no sense to trust anyone to scan any parts of your body to be used as a means of protection against fraud. By default if a person or entity wants to use "fraud protection" as a way to safeguard people from being scammed that person or company also has the means to scam or perpetrate the same.

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The use of KYC's for example is likely more harmful to the end user or purchasers of cryptocurrencies. Ultimately KYC's or Know Your Customer data capturing prevents you from having control or final say over who actually controls your money. KYC claims to protect the end user while at the same time captures so much data that it is impossible to have complete control over who controls the account. KYC's allows company's and crypto exchanges who capture your data to be venerable to government control, due to the pressures a government can put on the Crypto Exchange to give up your data. Governments can very quickly shut down a individuals crypto account/s for any reason they deem illegal. For example publicly disagreeing with something the government says or does. Scanning a persons retina claiming it is to protect them is extremely dangerous, as the concept in general uses fear based language to make people think they are unable to protect themselves. Governments are famous for claiming they have a monopoly on safety all the while being the largest perpetrators of war and control over the people they govern. This type of activity has been going on for millennia with the people being the losers in this game of Control versus Freedom. The more people allow a government to "protect" them the greater the control these entities have over the people.

The founders and creator's of Worldcoin Sam Altman and Alex Blania are using fear and safety language to garner trust in their retina scanning Orb. Not one article was found speaking of the dangers of such technology on the people whom it claims to protect. Altman, Blania, and the companies who are backing the Orb retina scanning project know good and well this tech is massively intrusive, and Orwellian at best. One could argue that the men, and company's in support of the Orb project are Masterminds of Evil, as we cannot assume with any certainty Altman, and Blania are naive or idiots about what they are doing. People like these men are the scariest people on the planet, as their true intentions are almost always hidden behind a smile, and do-gooder persona. When you think about the name "Worldcoin" the feelings of helping and healing the world immediately comes to mind, and feelings of World Peace is injected into your heart. The kindness which lays at the core of most human beings would tell them that the Orb project is yet another way for people to participate in global healing. What's the harm in allowing a crypto company to scan people's retina's, if it helps to protect the world from harm. Better yet, the opportunity to acquire Free Crypto, which is the Greed motivator, is an even better reason for joining the project. The Worldcoin Orb project taps into one of the most primitive aspects of humankind, Greed!

Alex Blania, left, and Sam Altman. Photo: Marc Olivier Le Blanc

Altman, and Blania know all to well that greed is a motivator of great power, thus offering the Worldcoin with only a retinal scan as its buy-in. On the surface the unsuspected would feel like they are giving nothing to get "Free" coins, but nothing is ever free. There is a cost for everything, and everything has its price. The price of Freedom has always been one of the highest prices mankind has had to pay throughout history, so giving freedom away for a few coins is not in anyone's best interest. One thing we noticed about the Worldcoin Orb project is that it was started in second and third world countries like parts of (Africa, South America, Europe and Asia). This is no coincidence as people in poorer countries would be more willing to accept the retina scanning Orb project. Economic status, a lack of education or readily open information, and higher naivety makes less fortunate people more venerable and easily swayed. The introduction to Worldcoin's retina scanning was likely not started in America because American's are known to push back, and push back hard against tyranny. Surely this would not have worked out for Altman and Blania, because their Orb project would have had to be forced upon the American people. With the definite push back of a more educated and suspicious American public the Worldcoin Orb timeline of "1 billion scans in less than two years" would have been crushed. This does not mean that one day there won't be scanning Orb's mounted in every public space in cities, and towns all across America, but they may be a few more years down the road.

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In Closing, It's never worth the price of freedom to seemingly gain financial reward, because in the end monetary gain can be very temporary, while Freedom is a life time investment. The riches man in the world is still poor if properties which cannot be replaced is own by someone else. Fingerprinting, retinal scans, KYC's, and any other infringements on human autonomy, privacy, and self ownership is against the natural order of life. We do not believe for a millisecond that Satoshi Nakamoto creator of the Bitcoin blockchain meant for his Freedom invention to be easily given back over to perceived authority, by ways of trickery, and fear. Your life is yours, and not for another person, company, or government to manage for you. Worldcoin's retina scanning orb is authoritarian, marxist, dystopian by its very nature, and should be avoided at all cost.

Article by: Predictable Future

Originally posted on MMAP Magazine

Thank you to Predictable Future for allowing me to post their article on this website.

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Greetings. Thank you for sharing this information here. It really is an invasion of freedom to be branded like the horseshoe on cattle. There will be those who support it, but will the majority agree?

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2 years ago

Hey gertu13 Interesting question there... Yes you cannot have freedom if one man decides that another should be tracked like an animal. You are correct there will be plenty of people that will willingly fall for this trap. Well I say "willingly" however being brainwashed to accept or comply is not really willingness. Already money is being used to lure people into this trap, so many people who are programmed to want money more than freedom will follow. Thanks for commenting! I know I've been away for awhile but trying to make positive change in the world will do that sometime. :)

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1 year ago

Good to hear from you again. I hope technology doesn't drive us like cattle to the blacksmith shop.

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1 year ago

Great to be back! I most likely will not be as active as I have been, because my workload is very heavy right now with the token launching and the courses. I will be here as much as I can and trying to deliver more content about crypto and more. Thanks for your comments as always!

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1 year ago