Real Truths 4 Men, and women

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The Michaelson Williams TSX Podcast, with your host Michaelson Williams.

On this episode of the TSX Podcast Michaelson has a hard hitting and insightful interview with Real Truths 4 Men, aka RT.

RT lives with his wife and two children in Ontario Canada.

RT keeps it real as he talks with Michaelson about men's issues with achievement, depression, the current social climate, and declining masculinity, by way of lowered testosterone. RT works with men to help them find their path, through creating optimal life choices which perpetuate a healthy mind set.

RT is also an entrepreneur who has created educational materials around building success on social media like Twitter.

This interview may be a bit difficult for some men to deal with, but is definitely something all men should pay attention to. Sometimes it's lessons we need that are the most difficult to hear. RT shows us how the real truth can never be misogynistic, which is the adverse of what society is teaching men currently. So I urge you to sit back relax and get ready for this powerful information from RT, as he brings the Real Truths 4 Men.

RT and I talk candidly about Andrew Tate and the Tate brothers in general. Andrew Tate is the most Googled man and personality in the entire world. It is no wonder that people who don't wish for him to speak a positive message to young men would want Andrew out of the picture. We talk about the possibility that Andrew will be removed from the system, as many other people who speak out against the establishment have been in the past. As of this point in time the Tates' and a couple of their female employee's are still behind bars, on what looks like completely false allegations. This could be a gross violation of human rights, and the general public doesn't seen to understand or care about this possible infraction.

During RT's interview I brought up the point that men are inherently of the mindset that they need to be needed by women. This idea is in opposition to the narrative being pushed in society today. RT goes into some detail to why the lack of men being needed is detrimental to society and the social structure as a whole. RT also explains the Real Truths about "toxic" masculinity, and how the term has been used as a weapon to separate strong men from good women. "Porn is good for men." Yet another lie purported to the masses of men to effectively stall a productive male female relationship. RT's knowledge on these mentioned subjects is vast and useful for men and women, who's mind aren't completely taken over by the mass social conditioning of mainstream media, etc.

We Are All Brainwashed. You may not want to hear, know, or understand this real truth, but we are all brainwashed, and are so at different levels of our social and educational status. A doctor or lawyer can be just a socially indoctrinated, and brainwashed as your neighbor down the street who collects trash for the city. RT continue our discussion by digging into different types of social conditioning, and from where the sources of this negative conditioning comes. RT talks about his experiences as a young man growing up, and the nature of attraction from women as he developed a fit physique.


Are the world elites simply playing a game and the average person is no more than a piece on the gaming board? I don't think RT left any stone unturned, as we continued our conversation closing in on the second half the the TSX Podcast with ideas of global domination. How the elites are merely playing a worldwide game in which a global cabal make decisions about our life, based upon moves similarly played on a chessboard. What would you do if you had all the money you could ever wanted or needed? How would you pass the time away if you didn't have to answer to anyone? Would you move like the elites of the world, pushing your ideology and believe simply because of your inclination to do so?

I asked RT what I thought was one of the most important questions about relationships. I asked "Do you roughhouse with your wife"?

His response was...

Tune into The Michaelson Williams TSX Podcast this Sunday for my full interview with Real Truths 4 Men aka RT.

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Be sure to follow Real Truths 4 Men on Twitter where you will find his e-book Maximize Your Twitter Growth. RT unlocks the Twitter algorithm, and gives you practical tasks that will assure that you will grow a real following on Twitter.

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