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The Hammer Of Success

Before we get started let me state an absolute fact about the achievement of success in life. Achieving success in life is about cracking and ultimately breaking a gigantic stone. You must have the proper tools for the job or it is most definitely going to be a long day, so to speak. Some people are trying to crack the stone of success with a small hammer, while expecting Big Hammer results.

What we want you to understand here is that Goal Phoenix Crypto is the BIG HAMMER that will maximize your results. All you have to do is get to work and keep hitting that stone until you crack and ultimately break through. Remember this if nothing else. When it feels like no progress is being made on that big old stone of success keep hammering away. It is the small chips for which the big break will come.

Michaelson Williams, TSX

Founder and Creative Director

🗓 21 Day Goal Achievement Affirmation Challenge

When you participate in our 21 Day Daily Affirmation Challenge you'll earn 500 GPC crypto to your Incognito wallet. You'll earn even more when you add additional tasks.

👷🏻‍♂️ How It Works

This is a simple challenge to see what changes will occur in your life if you use this positive affirmation every day for the next 21 days. "My path is set, My road is paved, Every obstacle is out of my way, with Every day in every way, my journey gets better and better." followed by one tally mark for each time the affirmation is completed. Your goal should be to repeat this positive affirmation 100 times per day for the next 21 days. The time starts when you complete our 21 day challenge entry form.

What we are trying to accomplish here is to gather real-time information on the Power of Positive Affirmations on goal achievement. Our goal is to capture enough data that we can prove without a shadow of a doubt that individual positive affirmations does or does not affect the collective as a whole.

👉 What We Need From You

First, we need you to write down a specific amount of money that you wish to receive in the next 90 days. Why 90 days and not 21 days as the challenge states? Because it is suggested that there is a time delay from the time we put energy out towards a thing, and the time it is received. Around 90 days.

Second, we need you to track with a single tally mark each time you repeat this exact affirmation quote. With no exception each time you say the quoted affirmation you must remember to write one line on a page for it. Say the affirmation "My path is set, My road is paved, Every obstacle is out of my way, with Every day in every way, my journey gets better and better." before you go to sleep at nigh and when you wake in the morning. This positive affirmation should be repeated throughout your day, until it flows from your mind into the spoken word effortlessly.

Last, share the quote with a link to the positive affirmation challenge and have conversations with other people about your Goal Phoenix Crypto experience. But, as a rule it is never a good idea to over share details about the amount of money you are claiming through this affirmation. This information should be kept close to the vest until your desired results are realized. It is important that your affirmation stays private so no one else can interrupt your positive affirmation energy flow. Don't forget to give credit to the author of the affirmation quote where ever you share it with this. ~Michaelson Williams.

You will be rewarded in crypto for completing the 21 day challenge and for performing any one or all of the tasks below. The more tasks you complete with proof the more Goal Phoenix Crypto tokens you'll earn.

Add A Tasks 🏦

Earn 1000 GPC for video of you saying the affirmation 10 times from memory. Post your video to Rumble.com, YouTube, or TikTok and provide link/s. Earn an extra 100 GPC if you repeat the quote in your video description 25 times.

Earn 500 GPC for uploading a photo image or doc file of your actual hand written affirmation tally marks. 📝 Earn an extra 1000 GPC if you write out the affirmation 500 times twice in 21 days, and upload the file.

Earn 300 GPC for telling us how your life is getting better in the form space provided or by email. GoalPhoenixCrypto@proton.me

Earn 100 GPC for following each of these accounts on Twitter. @GoalPhoenixCryp @MichaelsonWil11 @ADMFitnessFX

Earn 10 GPC for every share on Twitter with screen capture proof.

Maximum number of GPC cryptocurrency that can be earned in this challenge is 5000 per person, unless you qualify for the "Name Your Price" section.

🏷 Name Your GPC Price!

If you have a larger outreach suggest to us a reasonable number of GPC cryptocurrency for sharing our challenge. It is very important that we drive this challenge in ways that will reach the largest amount of people possible. This will allow us to get the results required to understand the positive affirmation space better than anyone. Plus the more people we reach the more people we can help. namemygpcprice@proton.me

This 21day positive affirmation challenge was created by Michaelson Williams and the team at Goal Phoenix Crypto. Please be honest when submitting your information needed to receive GPC crypto payments. All information, links, videos, etc will be verified before any crypto is paid out. Please be patient throughout the verification process. Be sure that your Incognito public wallet address is correct or you will not receive your crypto.

If you would like to have your Twitter or Instagram account added to the Follow List you'll need to buy GPC tokens. Limit 5 spots, and this supports the project. For additional advertising opportunities contact Michaelson at michaelsonwilliams.proton.me

True Story

A Bitcoin Humble Beginnings Moment!

Before you start your positive affirmation journey let me tell you a quick story. I have a personal friend who had a similar opportunity to what you're being offered here. We laugh about it still today, because he didn't know enough about Bitcoin or crypto in general to make the deal. This was back in the very early days of Bitcoin so no one knew what was going to happen...

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Michaelson Williams, TSX

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