Life Is A Journey; It's One We Should Never Give Up On.

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We are conditioned to believe everything in life should come immediately; therefore, we find giving-up to be rather un-daunting. Sometimes we take life for granted and believe we are entitled to a free ride in the pursuit of a lavish existence. Some people give up long before they are able to realize their ability to accomplish the dream. People want everything to be given to them on a silver platter rather than place blame elsewhere when things don’t go as planned. Not giving up while in pursuit of the dream life doesn’t mean working towards the goal blindly. Never giving up means learning lessons while on the True Success journey and taking responsibility for every pass or fail along the way.

How does this mindset of “never giving up” apply to the entrepreneur? As entrepreneurs searches for new business opportunities there should be an openness of mind and patience while waiting for positive results. If there is a business related opportunity and money isn’t made immediately don’t fall so quickly into the negativity of thinking “it was a scam”. While there are people who try to get over on others, there are no scams, only un-researched cons pulled on people who are many times driven by greed. No one can pull the wool over the eyes of an informed person. Use due diligence in order to plan your path to dream attainment and true success. With proper knowledge and understanding of the any opportunity the informed entrepreneur can move forward in the venture without hesitation.

Never Give Up You Motivated Entrepreneur

Never giving up as an entrepreneur means taking whatever steps necessary to accomplish ones goal in life. The goal need not be large in its inception. How large or small the goal is only matters to the conscious mind. The unconscious mind couldn’t care less. If the conscious mind recognizes a goal as something unattainable this increases the chances of quitting. Notice I did not say failure as quitting and failure are not the same, one being deliberate, the other being sometimes essential to True Success. When the entrepreneur learns to use principles which are not driven consciously; this allows the subconscious to move more effortlessly towards goal attainment. Therefore: never give up as energy invested initially to realize True Success will reveal itself through positive results springing forth unconsciously.

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Thanks for another encouraging message. Sometimes we feel tired from so much struggle but that is part of the same struggle. I think it is normal that sometimes we feel defeated but the best thing is not to stay stuck in that negative thought for a long time. You have to let new ideas flow and continue on your way. No one ever says that the constant struggle towards the achievement of goals is easy. Thanks for your positive encouragement.

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3 years ago