GOVoteX, The Freedom To Fairly Select Your Government Officials

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What is GOVoteX?

GOVoteX is on the surface a solid voting application solution that halts voter fraud in its tracks, through decentralized secure blockchain voting. However beneath, all the way to its core, GOVoteX is a complete and necessary innovation. This application assures that The People act as the checks and balances for an out of control governance system. Gone are the days of a government that pretends to police itself, without any true accountability. The GOVoteX app puts in-check those people in government who have lost the true essence of what their role is to the people. To Work For and Aid The Public. The GOVoteX application creates by default full accountability of all government agencies and the people who work in these positions. No more wasted tax payer dollars on black-budget projects, and other nefarious deeds that work against the people.

Who developed the GOVoteX voting system solution?

The GOVoteX application is the brainchild of Michaelson Williams, and was conceived a number of years ago, as part of another project. This document will show how GOVoteX has evolved into what it is today. Michaelson wasn't just looking for a solution to fraudulent voting systems, that came much later. Michaelson set out to create a system to put the power of governance into the hands of the public. The idea was to take the power from the hands of greedy bankers, special interest groups, and crooked men and women of government. “Secure People Voting” is only the beginning and foundation of GOVoteX. GOVoteX has the potential to repair the entire governmental system from the bottom up and the top down.

How does GOVoteX work?

GOVoteX works as a downloadable application that through the blockchains secure platform allows a single user account to make one vote. The GOVoteX app performs as a virtual voting booth, where voters can make decisions about their city, town, state, and country, anytime, anywhere. The users vote is completely traceable back to its original origin of source through public and private keys, just like a cryptocurrency transaction. Crypto keys are unique, thus fraudulent behaviors are very quickly noticed, and a fake voting account is immediately discarded from the GOVoteX system. Government employment candidates votes are tallied within the application in realtime allowing us to see any anomalies, which raises a red flag. After a set time period the GOVoteX application locks, and no more votes can be entered or tallied in the system.

GOVoteX Psychology and Benefits

The psychology behind creating such an application like GOVoteX is to create a renewed and uplifting sense of “Power Of The People” mentality. It is paramount to give the public back the power to address their grievances with government officials swiftly, through their right to vote securely. When government officials can be voted out by “majority rule” no matter how long or short they've been in office, the governing system repairs itself. It's quite simple... GOVoteX allows the public the immediate and swift voting action to hire or fire its employees, that are not working in the best interest of the public. This eliminates those government officials who are out for themselves, easily persuaded, bribed, or blackmailed, etc. Absolutely NO acting official will be able to remain in office while engaging in any types of criminal or otherwise nefarious behavior.

When the people have spoken by way of their GOVoteX app vote, the government office holder in question is given a short period of time to vacate the position. Like any other job in the private sectors, once the public has spoken if the official does not leave the office in a timely manner, assistance from GOVoteX will be given to them. No one who has been removed from a governmental position shall be band from that position or other positions for life, unless they do not separate from the position with dignity, and respect. The ultimate psychology behind GOVoteX is to facilitate the act of people in governmental positions doing better at their jobs. When people are in positions of power with no accountability they will almost always turn to some type of criminal behavior. Humans need checks and balances to help them become great people. GOVoteX gives the public the power to become the checks and balances for their government employees, so the employees may become as great as they intended to be in the first place.

We The People must come to terms with the fact that powerful people never ever want to give up said power. This is human nature so power must be controlled and shifted frequently so that evil doers cannot get a strong foothold in political systems. This is the problem that we have today and honestly throughout history. The United States government is riddled with dynasty leader's who's family's have been in power for much longer than they should have. It's time to change this and make sure there is a system in place that will prevent this from ever happening again. GOVoteX is not government, or big tech built, and will never be sold or controlled by them. Once GOVoteX is completely launched the people will be fully in control of which government employees go and which ones stay in office.

by: Michaelson Williams, TSX

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