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BRAIN FOOD; Eating For Success

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5 months ago

Can food or diet hinder or assist in your ability to be successful in life?

It is my belief that food and other consumptions have a direct affect on how successful you can be in life. We know and understand sugar, carbohydrates, salt, soft drinks, alcohol, and other items we consume can have adverse affects on our bodies. It may not affect everyone in the same manner or in the same timeframe, negatively or positively, but what we consume affects everyone. We know bad foods or nutrition affects the human body adversely as well as healthfully.

Therefore wouldn't it be plausible that if your diet is inundated with “unhealthy” food you are likely not to have the proper brain function that is needed in order to be successful. This does not mean if you eat fast food every day you cannot be successful. On the other hand we know eating fast food and packaged foods can lead to slower metabolism.

Slower metabolism can lead to inactivity, lethargic behavior, and lack of energy. So let's think about this for a second. If all of these things lead to the bottom line of lack of energy and lack of energy leads to lack of motivation, then food is directly related to your success.

We need high energy levels to move our minds and bodies to a positive place of successful thinking and behavior. If consuming the right foods can possibly assist in reaching a higher level of success more quickly then why not add it to your daily routine.

Your body is a highly tuned machine by default. Think about the car you will be driving once you reach the levels of success you seek. Really envision this car by closing your eyes and allowing the picture into your mind’s eye. As you are driving this car around you're getting close to running out of gas. How much sense does it make to instead of stopping at a gas station and putting high-octane fuel into the tank to instead pour water or dirt into the gas tank?

Of course without even thinking about it you can understand it would be completely ridiculous to put water or dirt into the fuel cell of any automobile. Yet our bodies, which are worth millions of times more than the most fabulous automobile, we can envision the majority of time putting garbage into the gas tank. There is no way the car you envision can run with water or dirt in the gas tank and there is no way you can run at your highest potential with garbage in your gas tank.

Why leave anything to chance? If you leave anything to chance then there is a chance you will lose on your journey to be successful. So why not take a different approach. Take a baby step and trade out one of your unhealthy meals or snacks for something which is going to give you a bit more energy to be successful on your journey.

Eat to be brain strong, eat to promote healthy living, and eat to promote higher energy levels. People who have higher energy levels tend use the energy to increase the amount of success and the amount of time they spend on building success.

If all you can do is come home from work, sit on the couch, eat a box or bag of fast food, and watch television, then you will not find success in that realm. You must do the things which keep you out of the realm where you are forced into a routine that keeps you unsuccessful.

Knowledge is power for everyone so learn more about what you are putting into your body. Read labels to see if there are chemicals in your choices of toothpaste, drinks, food, and hair products etc. There is fluoridation of our water systems. We know there is fluoride in toothpaste and fluoride has been linked to adverse affect on the brain.

We also know there are soft drinks on the market with artificial sweeteners and other additives which are harmful. At the very least these thing are not good for the human body. Are you taking medicines which are aiding in the demise of your brain power? Help yourself to develop and keep your brain running at its maximum potential so there is nothing to slow your journey to success, not even what you consume.

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Respectfully, Michaelson Williams; tsx, The True Success Expert

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Written by   279
5 months ago
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If we water the flowers with water, why would they water our body with Coca-Cola :-) As someone who gained a lot of kg after three pregnancies, I can say that I completely agree with everything you wrote. When someone is on a healthy diet, they feel nicer and healthier, more positive, happier, and that cannot but leave positive traces everywhere. When we are happy and radiate positive energy, we will attract positive things to us. I really liked your article. Greeting

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5 months ago

Thank you for the boost and great comment! I always tell people to learn how to grow their own food or at least a portion of it, because food quality is getting worse. The human body is a energy processing plant therefore the fuel you put into the body will determine the energy that comes out. I wrote a book called I'm Core Fit, Success In One Day For The Rest Of Your Life which talks about how you should never "diet". The health and wellness industry have used "dieting" to steal peoples money. Feed your body like a machine and it will always perform like one. Thanks for the comment!😊

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5 months ago