25 Essential Success Tips For Men Leading The Charge In 2023

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by: Michaelson Williams

Men, I have created 25 original mind altering tips to help with your success building in 2023 and beyond. This list will likely grow with time, research, and experience that I gain in the future. The tips herein are based upon my current level of knowledge and experience, and covers ideas that I've research well. You will find links throughout which lead to tools for the enhancement of your mind, body, and wisdom. If you are not already on the journey of enlightenment and wisdom this information will be virtually useless to you. On the other hand, if you are already far enough on your journey there will be flashes of sparks the deeper you go, letting you know you're on the right path.

I never claim to know more than anyone else, I just think differently than most. My main focus of study throughout my life has been human thinking and behavior. I've written books and articles on the topic which you'll find in the links below. I've mentored people at every level of success, and failure, so there will be something in these tips or in the other content that will hit home for you. I never take credit for the success that people find through me, as I only view myself as a conduit. I fully believe when people make the true decision to live a better life roads are opened for them to do so. I see myself as sort of a hitchhiker on your life journey, but not the kind that hacks you up, and hides the body...lol

I tell client's and others to think of me as the person who rides along with you for a period of time, but not the entire trip. I'm the person who you may say, yeah that guy was right about that, maybe I'll use it in my own life. My content is geared towards giving you that little piece of information that helps you get over that hurdle. Once you get over that thing that has been holding you back from success, you drop me off at the next stop. I believe no one should be in a position to take credit for what you decided to put into motion yourself. Your complete success is always up to you, with the caveat that you must understand the obstacles that are holding you back. These tips will give you the insight, thus letting you realize more of your full potential.

Let's Go!

Tip #1

If you lived a life so far that has been riddled with failure never fear, your time of Mastery will come, as long as you are willing to stay in the game.

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Tip #2

Don't be afraid to disagree with another man out loud. Some of the most positive changes to society happened through conflict. A Man unwilling to speak his mind to another man while knowing the truth is operating in the feminine.

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Tip #3

Nothing given is ever appreciated as much as something earned. Earn your manhood by being the complete package. Mentally Strong, Physically Strong, and a Protector of Innocence.

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Tip #4

Crypto is the currency of the future. If you don't know it, learn it! Shortly every buy and sell will be transacted through cryptocurrencies, so get prepared.

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Tip #5

If you are of the mindset that there isn't a deliberate attack on the gender rolls, and the entire social structure you would be grossly mistaken.

Your attention span has been decreased so you can't recognize the attack clearly.

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Tip #6

Meditation helps to rid the mind of erroneous thoughts, which may be holding you back from the achievement of all your dreams. Use daily meditation to clear your mind so that as you move about the world your positive energy moves with you.

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Tip #7

Create something original. Copying others may bring you riches, but If you want to be remembered by more than just your inner circle, create something new.

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Tip #8

Placed in your peripheral vision just out of focus are success damaging stimulants. If you are not completely focused on your goals you will be pulled to the left and right, without the ability to move directly from point A to point B.

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Tip #9

Once a month find and watch 1970's western movies. If you don't have a strong father in your life watch 3 per month. Virtually all of your hero's today are weak men masquerading as Alpha's.

Here's a good list: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_F2WOPSaOAQ

Tip #10

The term "YOLO" You Only Live Once is a term that was created by the establishment, to make you stop thinking about your future. Replace the idea of YOLO with meditation and introspection and your life will begin to change for the better.

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Tip #11

Your energy, good or bad carries a signature throughout the Universe. Make sure that when you walk into a room people know that you are tethered to Universal Good.

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Tip #12

If you are of the mindset, maybe you didn't have a good father, that it's okay to stab another man in the back over money, business, or a woman, etc. You deserve every life punishment the Universe deals to you.

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Tip #13

Some of you aren't strong enough to go it alone, and that's ok. Build a tribe of other men slightly better than you are currently to anchor yourself to. Over time you will develop into the man you've always wanted to be, and people will follow you.

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Tip #14

Eat whatever you want one day per week, and eat clean the rest of the time. Why? Because monster's are created when there is nothing to look forward to in life.

Note: Avoid SOY products at all cost. Soy lowers a man's testosterone and raises his estrogen levels.

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Tip #15

If a woman starts telling you her problems shortly after meeting you, Run! Her social programming dictates she is likely going to work you over for money and resources.

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Tip #16

Your health and fitness is directly connected to your life force and purpose. Don't be lazy about keeping your fitness in check or you'll be sucked into the dark empty space of a false reality.

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Tip #17

Train your body to wake in the morning without an alarm. It's healthier for your state of mind. Work for at least 45 minutes to an hour on something you are passionate about before starting your normal day.

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Tip #18

You can never be scammed if you ask questions, do your due diligence, and aren't completely consumed by getting rich.

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Tip #19

It takes on average 10,000 hours to become a true expert at anything. Some people can look like they're doing it faster, but those people will likely lose what they've gained.

Why? Because there are no shortcuts.

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Tip #20

Don't build your success on short-term content. Go deeper in your research to assure your knowledge stands on a solid foundation.

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Tip #21

Never think of a new year as a new start. Your success will never depend on a change of a calendar date. Set in your mind that you are on a journey for which every single step forward is a win.

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Tip #22

If you don't want to be fat keep moving. You don't have to go to the gym as you can workout anywhere. Turn everyday movements into your workout.

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Tip #23

When honorable men stand together they become an unstoppable force against evil. But if men are dishonorable the fabric of society shall crumble beneath their feet.

Where do you stand?

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Tip #24

The only thing that makes you special in this world is getting off your ass and doing what normal people aren't willing to do. When you rise in the morning ask in your mind that you receive the strength and confidence to conquer the day.

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Tip #25

Each day start your day with a positive affirmation of your own creation. Don't use canned affirmations from elsewhere. Your personally created affirmations carries more weight than one written by someone else.

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Bonus Tip

Dream Big, Take Even Bigger Action, and True Success will reveal itself, in the time and proportion that you engage in both.

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Gentlemen, The world needs men to be successful more than ever. Every man should do his part, even if it means picking up the slack for those who are unwilling.

Repair whatever you're lacking in and move forward with unwavering confidence like a Warrior On A Mission. LET'S GO!!!

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by: Michaelson Williams, TSX

Author, Former Bodybuilder, Mentor, Creator of ADM Fitness Effect, Editor-n-Chief at MMAP Magazine Newsletter, Host TSX Podcast on Substack, Founder of the MichaelsonEffect, and more.

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