Torumland available in a few days... Woooow

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1 year ago
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#News on the #blockchain and in the #cryptocurrency world.


Torum want to thank their community from the bottom of their hearts for getting this project to where it is today. The Torum Team are thrilled to show everyone what will come in the days ahead.

Since Torums inception on August 2019, they have seen incredible #development in the #NFT and #Metaverse space. Torum have spent unprecedented hours dedicated to #development and implementation.

As many of you may have expected, there has been talks of a #land #sale coming up and the Torum Team is excited to announce the Torum official land sale.

As a way of giving back to those who supported Torum early, they will be hosting a limited-time presale to raise liquidity and allow their #users to buy a portion of the land early. Each #TORUMLAND ticket can be used to claim a 4x4x5 plot of land you can access on Torum. Torum will #publicly #launch #TORUMLAND on the 29th of March.

TORUMLAND with #verifiable #ownership can be #traded with other users, #rented out for #creators to build the world, Enabled to provide services to generate #Metaverse #income... #showcase your #hero... build a #house ...start a farm, or even create your own #PVP arena!

TORUMLAND will be available on at rate of 1 TORUMLAND TICKET/0.1 ETH

There will be a maximum allocation of 2 #ETH per wallet.

Shortly after interacting with Torums smart contract, a proportional amount of TORUMLAND tickets will be distributed to the address you sent from.

This are great news from the Torum #Platform isn't it?

Since 2019 this team is creating and working hard as fuck and rocks on by bringing everything online. Since 2020, not even 1 year later, Torum was listed on #Kucoin and other exchanges with enough #Liquidity .... 2021 Torum started to create the NFT area and Avatars. They informing the user about airdrops and more. That's how it should work. Step by step but no step back like others... Lmao

I use Torum like #Twitter for me it's a nice #socialmedia platform to "retweet" posts or interesting stuff. I am an early user. Since 2020.cashed out, yes, and the cashout was really nice. Easy to #trade and fast. But of course I invested also in it a bit.


After #Hive #Blockchain which is really good organized and works super dope, a platform I would recommend.

Have an amazing day appics crew.

More infos:

Ref link if you wanna join in, we both get XTM for that.

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1 year ago
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