Will she ever love me?

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Hello fellow read.cashers how you all doing? hope you are all doing good and well,am here this day been 27/10/2021, time 10:39 to ask for your opinion and advise on love matter and I will be waiting for your contribution, thanks in advance.

Actually am here tonight with this emotional torture of mine that has been making my heart ringing fast and also paining me.

There is this girl I met online and we have been chatting for some couple of months now, like four to five months and we have been friends for too long but am already tired of being friends zone by her because my real motive for chatting her up from day one is that I just love everything about her stature,she is very portable,not that tall nor short,not that big nor small in short everything about her is moderate a perfect shape she got and this are what push me to her in the first place and we start chatting later exchange numbers and sometimes I call her but we mostly chat on daily basis and this even make me get attracted to her apart from being beautiful,she also has a good womanly character and she loves to laugh alot and this also attract me to her because her smile makes her to even become more prettier and mind you she has a dimples.

You know I told you already that am tired of being friends zone, so I decide to shoot my shot and I ask her out and before asking her have ask her if she is in a relationship with someone else but she said No that gave me the confidence that she is going to give me the reply I really wanted and I ask her out and I tells her alot of beautiful word just to make her give me a chance to hold the key to her heart, guess her reply after telling her that "I love her" I know you will be thinking of her saying yes or No but unfortunately I didn't receive any of those answers what she was doing was laughing,she was just telling me lol [lots of laughs] she didn't reply me but whenever I tell her "I love you" she will just be laughing like am actually nothing,she just likes making jest of me whenever I mention love you but I notice something after I ask her out she start using pet names for me like calling me darling ,hunnie,love, and so on and this is the new development that actually happen after i ask her out and whenever I mention love she will just keep smile, and this has become her constant reply. I really don't want to lose her to any man out there loosing her will make my heart to be scattered,so please house there is a question for you all below, please don't hesitate to comment.


What should I do?

Should I continue pushing or I should just stop for good?

Do you actually think she will give me a chance?

Those are the government

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